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    Well, I went for my second sleep study last night and the bed was hard as a rock. I woke up about 3am and couldn't get back to sleep despite taking extra pain med. Every way I turned I hurt. I kept turning over and trying to prop my top leg on a pillow and the woman kept coming in and telling me to lay on my back- well I can't it hurts.

    After the study was over the tech came in and started to unhook me. She told me that I sleep very shallow and when she would pump the air up I would wake up and not go back to sleep. I explained to her that when I wake up the pain is so intense I can't get back to sleep. I went on to explain to her that a lot of people with sleep problems have chronic pain and these sleep test torture us because they put us in these beds that are like rocks. I pointed out to her that I sleep on a memory foam bed with 2 additional memory foam pads on top of that. The results of the test no where near accurately tested my sleep.

    She said that she had never thought of the tests that way. Well Duh...

    Then I had to go out in 15 degree weather and sit in a freezing car until it defrosted. I came home and took a shower and got in bed. I am chilled to the bone still and the pain is extreme. I have about 5 heating pads going.

    Interesting things though. My hips are the one place that never hurt. Well, they are killing me now. I feel like I have been beat.

    I do want to let everyone know that goes for a test in the future to speak up and tell these people how you feel. Tell them how those rock hard beds make you ache. These places are suppose to be comfortable and help us. Yet, they put us in beds that intensify our pain and fatigue.

    To the ones who have a sleep study in the future. Take anything and everything with you that will make you comfortable. I don't care what it takes!!!

    Chris- I couldn't find the original thread. I am just exhausted and fogged. I will look for the old thread again.

    Sorry for the rant!
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