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  1. sandy1

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    Has anyone been told they have sleep apneana? I need help!! After sleep study, I'm being told I need another sleep study,plus one of those horrible masks! It cost me another $200.00 up front for a sleep study.And now the price of this contraption! Frankly ,I have enough trouble sleeping without wearing a mask.Yes,Iam fatiqued during the day but I have been diagnosed with FMS,and CFS plus Osteo arthritis. I've had this dx. for 20 years. Had to find new primary Dr. He seemed very good until now. Anyone benefitting from this? Should I try it and risk getting stuck with another "cure" product? I've been around a long time and have invested in alot of 'cures' guess I'm getting skeptical!
  2. Juloo

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    My husband has neither CFS or FM, yet he has awful apnea. He's been using a cpap machine for about a decade now. I can definitely tell when he cannot use it (due to a cold or whatever), because he is very short with people, and more easily tired.

    I've had two sleep studies myself. At the very least, a good sleep study can prove whether or not you are having apnea episodes -- have you asked to see the numbers on your initial test? Did the doctor expain them to you? How many times a night are you waking due to breathing interruptions? Are you having alpha intrusion? Getting the appropriate level of stage 4 sleep? A cpap is not the answer to all sleep problems -- some are better treated with medications.

    A mask is not for everyone, but if apnea is a problem, it can potentially make a difference for you. I doubt it is a 'cure' -- haven't really heard anyone here say it made ALL the difference, but it can make some.

    My husband's machine (he's actually had two) was paid for by insurance. Anyhow, if you need a cpap according to the test results, you'd need a second one to titrate the machine, unless they had fitted you during the initial study (which can sometimes happen).
  3. ericdinbstn

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    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year in addition to my fibro and CFS. I sleep using a CPAP and a mask along with ambien and melatonin and while they haven't been as effective as I'd hoped, they have made a definite improvement. I'm not nearly as fatigued as I had been, I still run out of steam quicker than most, but I've had some benefit. It did take a while though, it didn't happen in a week more like 6-9 months, but there is a difference. I guess you have to decide whether it's worth it for you. This is NOT another "cure" it's only a cure for sleep apnea which can be dangerous if not treated.

    The key is to find the right mask and make sure that you have the correct titration, pressure, etc. That's what the second study is for. My study and my machine, mask, and now extra oxygen is all paid for by insurance. If you're without insurance it can be costly. But that's something you can ask your doctor. I agree with the first person who answered, get the numbers and results from your doctor, but if you do have sleep apnea it means you stop breathing throughout the night, not a good thing.

    You can get other information at the Sleep Apnea Association as well as if you search Sleep Apnea on this board. The Sleep Apnea Association is at I hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. Rosiebud

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    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years back - I've tried all sorts of masks and CANNOT sleep with them. I was getting 59 apneas per minute.

    I sleep terribly when I do sleep - with the machine I don't sleep AT ALL.

    Had to give up - I have some really scary apneas where I stop breathing and wake up thinking I'm dying but I still can't use the machine.

    WHAT I WASN'T TOLD - sleep apnea can be caused by taking a strong painkiller or sedative at night and I have to take one because of the pain. So check your meds. I started halving mine and when I can I dont take any.

    WHAT I WAS TOLD - being overweight can cause sleep apnea - I'm trying to lose some of what I've gained with this DD.

    Could you rent a machine or borrow one to try it out??

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  5. Cinderbug

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    I had two sleep studies and just started using my C-pap last week with a full mask.

    I was completely againsst wearing C-PAP because my niece hates hers. Then I wore a CPAP at the second sleep study and was AMAZED at how much better I slept.

    After that last study I couldn't wait to get it! I am very happy to have this machine.

    My niece used the nose mask but I much prefer the full face mask.

    I use pur-sleep(aromatherapy...just google it) to make the mask smell better.

    I love it

  6. landra

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    I LOVE my CPAP. I fought insomnia for years - thinking it was my fault to not be able to relax and fall asleep. Well, it was not. I woke 80 times an hour!!

    Apnea makes you cranky, can give you headaches, cause you to feel "foggy", and in the long run can lead to heart problems!!

    When I got the CPAP machine, I would put on the mask and begin to drowse off right away! It did not make it harder to sleep at all. I have had to try several kinds because I am a "mouth breather" due to life-long allergies. Now I use a full-face, and still love it!

    I felt much better after i got the machine. - Then about 2 years later, I started getting the frequent illnesses which lead to CFS. Boy - I was really distressed to get that mental fog back.

    Please try it. To me it is like wearing glasses - I am blind without them. they don't cure my vision, but they make it possible to function! Good luck.
  7. fallenstar1962

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    I too have been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea as well. I brought the machine home to measure my levels. I was unable to keep the nose mask on because my nose kept plugging up.

    I was told to purchase a nasal mist, but that too failed to help for long. I found wearing the nose mask very frightening as I also am slightly claustrophobic.

    I kept the machine for a week and tried nightly to no avail. My doctor wants me to now go into a sleep 2 study (stay over night in hosp).

    Good luck to you.

    Soft hugs
  8. sandy1

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    Thanks to all who answered. Sorry about not responding sooner but I've been fighting Hurricanes etc.
    If I understand what your telling me, I need to get a copy of the test results and an explanation of what they mean from my Dr.
    I also need to tell him I was told to take my regular meds.Even though they included Ambien CR,Cymbalta,and Darvocet-N.
    Could someone simply tell me what is normal and what constitutes a problem? I've read about sleep stages etc.and that those of us with ME-CFS and FMS are pron to certain expressions of apnea but I can't get a clear understanding of all of this.
    Just fimished a complete, first work-up by my new cardiologist and he said all is great.
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  9. Juloo

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    Sleep medicine is a specialization all its own. Getting a proper diagnosis is often as difficult as finding a doctor that knows more than the couple of hours this was covered in med school a dozen or more years ago. There are at least 70+ different sleep disorders.

    So first, getting a copy of the full report is critical. It should tell you how many time you awoke from limb movement, how many from apneas, what percentage of time was spent in the different sleep stages, possibly if you had alpha intrusion, etc. When you see those numbers, you'll then have an idea of what types of questions to ask.

    Let us know what you find out!

    P.S. You live in my old hometown -- sure do miss it!

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