Sleep study results... I have them!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shananegans, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    I went to actually see my Neurologist today and she better explained my sleep study results to me.

    So basically I barely ever reach REM stage of sleep and don't even really reach stage 3/4. Apparently I fully woke up 13 times during the night and had 44 "arousals" per hour. Which basically means, I don't really sleep... I just lay there with my eyes close... lol.

    Also some apnea was detected and hypopnea was high (53). They are going to have me come back to try the CPAP machine on me to see if it will help (November 30th). Also they think that the apnea is occuring with an obstruction and not because my brain forgets.

    And another funny (well not so much funny, as interesting) thing is that my heart beats just as fast when I am sleep as when I'm awake... gee, I wonder why I wake up 44 times an hour... "sarcasm". My average heart rate was 84 beats per minute with a max of 105 beats per minute... pretty crazy.

    Well I think that about does it for now... hope someone finds this interest! Haha. Just wanted to share and comments are welcome.

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I'm so glad you got some better understanding on your results. They are very similar to mine ... but I think my deep wave, 3 -4 stage was alittle better then yours.

    Did she give you a list of meds and supplements to avoid in treating your suppressed REM? You didn't mention what sleep medication she wants to try on you ... xyrem and lunesta work well for disorders like yours. You won't believe how much better you can feel once your sleep structure is improved.

    I don't have apnea, so I can't add any insights here ... but I think your doctor has to treat both disorders .. IE, sleep structure and apnea.

    Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to hearing about your great improvement!!

  3. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    Me too! My sleep stages are disrupted and I never really get any restorative sleep. I don't have the apnea however.

    My grandfather does have sleep apnea and had surgery to clear the obstruction. He seems to be doing much better.

    My sleep is really the only symptom that I cannot seem to manage. It is very frustrating.
  4. Stampeding_Sheep

    Stampeding_Sheep New Member

    Although it does cause a hangover effect in the morning, Amitriptyline (Elavil) 2 hours before bed has helped me sleep during the last several years. You guys want to hear something PCP won't refer me to a sleep study clinic cause he thinks it won't prove anything even though I gave him a fibromyalgia research summary stating how fibro disrupts sleep. I think it's time for a new PCP. Take care all.

  5. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I had the chance to look through recents replies of mine and ran across what you posted about your doctor.

    I cannot believe that man. I'm serious ... I didn't understand his thought process. Is he really that hardheaded and the "I know what I know type", or is there some other motivating factor ...IE, keeping costs down per aggreement with managed care provided?

    I'll be thinking about you and hope you find a suitable, educated (and not as motivated to support testing guidelines and costs stated in his healthcare provider contract) doctor to help you.

    Take care,


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