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    Hi! I went to the Sleep doctor yesterday for the results. I have VERY mild sleep apnea. But I also have the periodic limb movements. I woke from these (but not aware that I did) 15 times during the night. No wonder I'm exhausted all day! He said there are 4 ways to treat this. The first is to lose weight. The second is meds. The third is surgery. The fourth is C-PAP. He said my sleep apnea isn't bad enough to use a C-PAP machine. He said since it IS mild surgery would benefit me. I'm not ready for that yet. So he suggested I lose weight and also gave me Mirapex, which is usually used for Parkinson disease patients. He said periodic limb movements is caused by a decrease in dopamine and this helps raise it. He gave me some samples and when I read the literature it scared me to death. Does anyone take this? Do you have any side effects? I asked him about the Effexor and he said it does add weight. I told him I want to go off of it and he said to call my family doctor. I'm also going to wean off the Neurontin since obviously it's not helping me. I didn't take the Mirapex last night as I was too scared. But I guess I'll try it tonight since I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I'm starting out on the lowest dose. PLEASE if anyone has any experience with this med, please reply! THANKS!!!!

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    I tried Mirapex and was so loopy! I took it for one month and during that time I ran into two cars! There is a very scarry side effect which is blacking out while driving. I am a school bus driver so needless to say I quit the drug. I now take 20mg of elavil for sleep. I have started to gain weight from this but I am sleeping and trying to keep a tight rein on my eating.
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    I have been taking mirapex for several months now and have had no serious side effects.I take three 0.5 mg. at 6 p.m. and three more at 10 p.m. I was diagnosed as having sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. I also must use a cpap at night. The mirapex are making my legs ache less because I am not constantly moving them when I am awake. I have a really hard time sleeping if I don't take them.

    Good luck and don't be afraid ro try the med.
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    Boy oh is an irony I don't quite get but have found a pattern. Seems once this syndrome takes a twist, everyone seems to twist with it!!
    Yes, had it not been for my son in the van, I would surely have crashed head-on but he was alert, since I had developed over the year EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness) when driving. Parked van, then kept him up all night as I experienced horrific sleep apnea.
    Result of the sleep study was a score of 11. I am on Heated, humified C-PAP with 3whatevers of O2 added. I also have canisters I can carry with me should I get air hungry away from home. The O2 Concentrator is large but can run off a car's lighter.
    Three years ago this subject rarely came up. Interesting? CactusLil'
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    I feel better now. I also spoke with a pharmacist and he told me that they have to let you know of ALL side effects, no matter how many people had them. I'm nervous about taking it but will "bite the bullet" and give it a try. Thanks!