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    I said to my husband on the way to the appointment they were goiing to come back with nothing. I was right.

    The night time test......
    The doc made know sense. First he says I need to limit my caffenie intake. Only drink a little, and before dinner tiime. He said it stays in your system for 10 hours and can affect sleep.
    Litterally the next sentence he said was ... you have remarkable nighttime sleep. "I wish I could bottle it". he said how few people sleep as well as I do, especially at a clinic. So obviously caffine is not affecting me! And I already knew I sleep well at night, just not enough.. come to think of it, he never answered why I am only sleeping 5-6 hours a night.

    The day time test... This was the important one since I am SO tired all day. Since I was unable to nap at the scheduled times they wanted me to nothing really came of the test. By my symptoms doc and my rheumy still think I have a form of Narcolepsy, but were technically unable to prove it. I am not going back for another test to try again: Way to stressful. This is probably why I was not able to sleep when they wanted me to in the first place.

    Well, I will continue on the vitamins I have been taking, and hope this will one day go away. I need to get back to work one day, and I don't think sleeping on the job is going to work :)
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    Hi Jittle!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are having sleep issues! Those of us with health issues need a lot more sleep than healthy people do so I can imagine how frustrating it is. I personally used to have insomnia really bad and took naps every day just to make it through the day at work. Fortunatly the insomnia has gotten better in the last 2 years or so, don't know why. Are you worring a lot at night because I know that my problem was not being able to (shut my brain down) had racing thoughts and had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I never seemed to stay in the deep rem sleep that is so important to all. Tell us a little about yourself so that maybe someone can help you. Sorry I can't offer a lot, just my own experiences! BTW, I noticed you were very new to this board and want to say WELCOME! You are in the right place. There are so many giving and caring people on this board with a wealth of info, advice, etc. etc.

    Look forward to hearing a little bit about you,
    Take care, Julie
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    May I ask a question? How old are you? And are you going through menopause?

    So you have Fibro? Ok, it was a few questions. I got sucked into the sleep studies several yrs ago. I was 49 then.

    What keeps ME up in the fibro pains and tossing and turning. Tho the geniuses ( Dr's ) did not want to believe that. I had 3 sleep studies.

    Also teeth grinding can cause problems too! TMJ-

    My story- 1st sleep study the tech was more concerned on playing on the internet.

    2nd one I had a dental night guard for my teeth! Which I knew it worked and you are not
    supposed to ask the tech- but- I got real friendly with him. the end when I was to go home I said....." so how was it?"
    His answer....not bad at all you do not need a c= pap- just dont tell the doc I told you.

    Fair enough. I had MY ammo ready for that sleep dr jerk-

    2 months go by and they never called to give me MY results. SO- I went and got ALL my medical records from the sleep study and made and appointment with and ENT doctor-

    He read them an said the same thing. You have no problem.

    3 months later I finally go have the reports read as I was going to and ALJ in the future and the Atty said you need his report too.

    SO Sleep Doctor Quack said to me.....OH, I see you pattern in really BAD you NEED a C=pap machine!!!

    Uvula surgery by the way NEVER works.
    SO, I said to him...hmmmmm, funny I took the reports to and ENT and he had a different

    Here is HIS report! ANd I do NOT need a c-pap....
    OMG, that the doc was gonna stroke out! How dare I?

    Well, he could NOT get his kick back from ordering the c=pap machine!

    I then went and had an upper and lower mouth piece done at my dentists office.

    As when we sleep the tongue flops back to close your airway. The dental appliance allows you to push your lower jaw out so your tongue has more room to relax and walla BETTER sleep.

    I also have CFS and I take daily naps.......

    good luck'


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