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    I scheduled my sleep study for next Friday night. This way I don't have to worry about going to work the next day. They said it's like being in a motel room, not a hospital room! And I can shower there in the morning. I'm looking forward to it - I hope they can figure out my sleep problems!!!!

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    the star treatment!? When I had mine done, about 8 years ago, they wired me all up and put me in a hospital bed in a room with a window for the technician to watch through. It was very clinical. Just unplug, get dressed and leave in the morning.

    Amazingly enough, I went right to sleep, and that's unusual on any night. They said I didn't have sleep apnea (can they tell from just one night?) but I've always had trouble believing that. I do, however, thrash all over the place and the tech said no wonder I'm exhausted in the AM.

    Have fun.

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    Please have a sleep study done...your symptoms do sound just like apnea and it is nothing to fool around with. There are many different treatments depending on what type of apnea it is (there are two types) and how bad it is.
    Are you overweight and top heavy? Do you have a large neck? Being heavy on top predisposes you to apnea. Having a very wide neck often indicates the presence of long-term apnea. Often, weight loss will fix it all by itself. For mild apnea, you can sew a pocket on the back of your nightshirt and then sew a tennis ball into it so you will not be able to sleep on your back anymore. For more serious apnea, you may have surgery (if it is the obstructive type) or you may use a CPAP machine (if it is the Central Nervous system type). Apnea may also be caused by meds, and a sleep specialist could advise you on that.
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    I'm having the sleep study done at the Midwest Sleep Institute, 11590 N. Meridian Street, in Carmel. (115th and Meridian). The dr. is Bradley Bittle. He's soooo nice! He said you CAN get help for Stage 4 sleep, etc.

    I don't have your e-mail address. How can I get it?

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    I'm sorry about this mix-up. I never got your e-mail address from Mikie. She said she gave you mine. I also went to the Chit Chat board but no one was there when I went. What if we make up a time to go there? What about 9:00 tonight? Is that okay?

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    I only have what you used when you registered here. If you will e-mail me with your addresses, I will try again.
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    I just e-mailed Mikie with my e-mail address.

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    I just sent you an e-mail!!!!

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    I also have a study scheduled for the evening of aug 28. I had been to my doc and complained about this horrible fatigue and wanted him to pusue the thyroid stuff but he said no way untill we find out how you are sleeping. I thought he was going to stroke out when I mentioned using Armour Thyroid. LOL. Anyway I know I snore and moan when I sleep but don't think I have apnea. My partner seems to be clueless about it. He has not noticed but hey - he's busy doing his own snoring!
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    I have an appointment to see a doc about apnea. Can anyone tell me what to expect on my first visit? I have goobs of questions to answer on paper before I get there.
    There was a time when I only snored when I was extremely tired but I snore most all the time now even laying on my side and always wake exhausted. I'm not over weight either.