sleep study was a disaster

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  1. ktp812

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    Well, I had my sleep study last night. I was feeling good and very happy to be finally having it done.
    I got all hooked up and settled into bed. I wasn't uncomfortable at all.

    Took my Lunesta at nine thirty...still awake at 11:00. So then I took a whole ambien. Fell asleep until one and was awake the rest of the night.
    The tech came in around three and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I said no and tried to sleep. It never happened.

    She got me up at five thirty and said there was very little data since I slept less than two hours. I am devasated..spent 1,200 out of my own pocket. Not sure the insurance company will pay for a repeat one.

    This has never happened before..I have never had problems sleeping with a pill.
    Anyone have similiar experiences..I came home and cried...
  2. shirley1259

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    hopefully they will be able to find something in the 2 hours of sleep you did get. They definitely will have to know something is not right when you took both lunesta and ambien and still couldnt sleep. I will be praying that you get some answers and that you dont have to try and repeat the sleep study.
  3. Juloo

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    I was hoping you would have an easy time of it.

    My only problem was that I'm such a night owl, so I wasn't sure if I was going to manage to go to sleep by 11 pm, which is what they needed. Somehow, I did it.

    Them waking me up at 5:30 in the morning was not a treat. Sleep is never assured for me, and that was crazy.

    If it is any comfort, the second sleep study I had, I was a lot more comfortable with the wires and process that I was less aware of all that and better able to relax.

    Please call whoever you need to to find out your options. It's clear that sleep is difficult for you -- this should make it doubly obvious to your doctor and insurance.
  4. ktp812

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    I am feeling pretty terrible right now. I still am in shock that I didn't get to sleep. If it is any consolation the tech said it would be pretty quick for me to hear the results since there is hardly any data.

    I am sure my doctor would order another one but it is the insurance I am worried about. I know anxiety finally got the best of me because I started thinking that this wasn't going to be useful if I didn't fall asleep and that kept going on in my head.

    When the tech came in at 3 I definately knew I was in trouble. Next time (if there is one) I will bring one of my ativan's to take also. I never use them but it probably would have helped in this instance.

    Tech did tell me I never went into all stages of sleep so I know it was pretty bad...

  5. gapsych

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    Since you could not sleep even with the medication,I would think that by itself may be an indication of sleep problems.

    Is insomnia your usual pattern or is it the fact that you are a night person? I can't remember why you got a sleep test.

    Probably, a second test would be good but geese, who can afford the price? How unfortunate.

    Maybe the doctor would do another test for free? Might not hurt to ask.

    There is a home test, which is less than half the price, which is still not cheap, but I think it only looks for Apnea. You might want to join where there is a forum about different sleep issues. Maybe someone would have a suggestion. It also has a fibro board but is not very active and like PH better.

    I wrote a post a while back wondering why you can't have a sleep test based on when you sleep instead of an arbitrary time. Most of us with this DD, as well as a lot of other people do not sleep in this time frame. I don't know if you would get information that is more accurate or not.

    Take care.

    ETA Just read why you got the sleep study. Can't believe or yes I guess I can that the doctor would be so dismissive of your sleep problems just because it may be a part of CFS. That is true but there are things to help the symptoms, which may will help you get better sleep, which will help the CFS. I have just resolved for the most part, some of my sleep issues, and am finding that I am now having more stage 3 and 4 sleep. However, there are some medications that may make you sleep but not necessarily deep sleep. I do think xyrem helps with that but you may have to look that up and know you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get on it.

    You might want to make a separate thread here asking who is on xyrem.[This Message was Edited on 06/22/2010]
  6. Gingareeree

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    I ,as many here, have a lot of sleep issues. I have to stay with a pretty regimented sleep schedule What happened to you is exactly what I've always imagined would be my experience with a sleep study. Toss and turn all night. So sorry this didn't give you the feedback you were hoping for~~~Jeanne
  7. Juloo

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    Gap -- I wondered the same thing about timing of sleep studies. In our little town, I am surprised we have a place that does this at all. The timing here is all about the fact that 1) they want about 6 hours of sleep time to calculate the results, 2) they actually share the space with a mammography lab (yeah -- weird), and that place opens at 8 and the sleep tech needs to be out and the office set up for the other function by then. Our local place does not do daytime testing for latent sleep times. With that, the test-ee has to stay several more hours, and they check to see how fast the person drops into sleep (or if they do at all). So if the doc wants to check for that, the patient needs to drive to the 'big city' (about an hour away).

    When I had my studies (and with the stories my husband has told me about his several), the sleep time seems much more to do with the schedule of the sleep tech or the sleep lab than the patient. It's a real shame, and for people like us with such odd schedules, it can make it difficult to get good results.
  8. bretzie

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    Losing $1,200 on a sleep study that produced zilch would make me cry for days. I'm very sorry.

    They should have kept you til you DID freaking fall asleep. I mean what kind of ethics is this? I would complain and ask to have it redone at no charge. It is an outrage to charge this kind of money and be satisfied taking the money when there are zero results. What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath for Pete's sake.

    I don't know what to tell you as I'm suffering not from insomnia but from extremely reversed sleep (can't sleep til about 4PM!). I am going to have my adrenals checked into via a saliva test and may contact the Clymer Center in PA as they have a great rep and do phone consults). All our hormones depend on each other.

    Again, so very sorry and try and get the money back or another test rescheduled at a time when you will sleep.

    Good luck,

  9. u&iraok

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    It doesn't seem right that they can't redo the study, you paid so much for it.
  10. LittleBluestem

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    I have had two sleep studies. Both were more or less disasters. They were both done according to the shift of the hospital personnel, not my sleep cycle. The first hospital did offer to let me redo it, but the set-up was such a disaster that I did not see any point.