sleep study/ what treatments come of it??

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    Those that have had a sleep study done and had sleep apnea and movement disorders ruled out, so say we just dont get to sleep or dont get into deep sleep, what treatment has been recommended. It seems xyrem is to expensive for alot of us, so besides xyrem what other meds have been recommended or do they just push the cbt crap and tell u not to take benzos even though they seem to be the only things that work and then just leave the treatment upto your GP who then gets scrutinised for prescribing benzos too much. Im getting sick of not sleeping properly, swapping and changing between meds all the time etc.

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    You might want to go to the website talk about sleep and ask this question. It's a very informative site.

    So you have had a sleep study?

    If you are having sleep issues a sleep study is important. But if you have and only your GP is treating you, ask for a referral to a a certified sleep specialist. Labs should also be certified.

    I take Trazodone and Clonazepam but am slowly weaning off the Trazodone as I don't need it since I have had some sleep issues addressed. Mainly obstructive sleep apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome.

    Good luck. Sleep is closely tied to this DD.

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    There are sleep centers that just specialize in C-Pap who typically conduct an overnight stay with a split study. This means that they wake you up once you manage to fall asleep to fit you with the C-Pap machine during the second phase of the study. The first phase documents how you sleep.

    The other type of sleep study is a more in-depth study to see what your sleep problems are about. The in-depth studies take place over 2+ nights and are located at a major university setting conducted by a doctor who is board certified by the American Board of Sleep Management (ABSM). Many of screenings for sleep apnea are conducted by doctors who are not board certified doctors in sleep management.

    I wish I had known all of this BEFORE I did a sleep study at a sleep apnea C-Pap type place. I don't have sleep apnea. They sent me a letter after the study which said that I had "sleep initiation and duration insomnia" and it said to "lose weight". Well, no shit Sherlock!

    I did not care for the feel of the C-Pap machine which I told them so upfront. They tried it out on me BEFORE I fell asleep. As it was, I didn't fall asleep for hours and they tossed me out on the street at 6 am even though I feel asleep about 2 am. I can't sleep what feels like "an alien" attached to my face -- just like the movie of the same name.

    Overall, I found out that my sleep problems were linked to: infections and hormone deficiencies. Those high IgG and IgA titers actually mean something! Once those were corrected, I slept much better.
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    What i would like to know is what other treatments are offered if u dont have any sleep apnea etc, like in my situation i think my problem will be not falling asleep or getting to deep stages of sleep, just straight insomnia. I have brought my viral load down but i think these viruses have damaged my sleep part of my brain.