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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Barbie56, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Barbie56

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    Hi , has anyone ever had a sleep study done ? I'm suppose
    to get one tonight and I am so afraid. I don't know why or
    what they are looking for. Barb

    LISALOO New Member

    Yes, they stick things in on your head, they used temporary glue on mine, not fun, they use a liquad to release it in the morning.

    I had a hard time because it was cold, and not comfortable!

    I got there at 9, by the time they stuck everything on it was after 10, they like you to fall asleep by 12. They woke me up at 6.[This Message was Edited on 06/29/2006]
  3. angellwolffe

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    i had a sleep study done. it was a nightmare. the first one the tech was an hour late then it took forever to hook up all the wires and get everything situated. i never got any sleep that day. i heard everything that went on in the next room and outside where they were building onto the hospital. The doctor said i had sleep apnea and the next study with the cpap was even worse. the mask fell off my face four times and the hose kept popping off. There was a thunderstorm that day so i couldn't sleep from that and i once again heard every sound in the hospital. i never slept that day. i know i was fully cognative because i know what i was thinking. i planned out my bills and what i was going to do for my chores for the weekend etc. When the tech came out she said i had a very sound sleep. I don't think these tests are very accurate or she wasn't doing her job at monitoring very well. Now i'm waiting to see what the doctor has to say about the second test.

    the cpap works well for some people. it works well for my sister but does not for my brother. i don't think i will be persuing getting one because i am to restless of a sleeper to keep one on. angell
  4. razorqueen

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    if you don't want to get a c-pap check into getting a dental device. I have UARS, and am going to get a dental device called TAP II.

    When I had my sleep study done in May they used a sticky substance that held the electrodes in place but it wasn't glue. I combed it out and washed my hair. It wasn't a big deal at all to get out.
    The room was set up like a bedroom, and I had no one watching me when I was sleeping. It was done in a private facility, not in a hospital. My experience wasn't bad at all. I didn't have to use the c-pap at all either, tho, so it might of been different if I had too.