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    I had a sleep study done several months ago, knew that it showed no signs of sleep apnea and didn't ask to see the results myself.

    I was photocopying a pile of docs to send off for insurance, included were the results of my sleep study, provided by my physician. Again, all sorts of good stuff about no sleep apnea, but then I stumbled across very odd wording that DOESN'T SEEM NORMAL or positive to me:

    'Sleep is fairly well fragmented with 31 brief and one prolonged awakening during the night'.

    31 brief awakenings??? out of 341 mins total sleep time? Surely that can't be normal. I've maintained that I was up a lot bec of pain and discomfort and that I have to shift positions all night.

    I had normal REM (19%) but abnormally long Stage 1 sleep (20%).

    Just reading the report again to type this post and I've noticed something else:
    'The apnea-hypopnea index is entirely normal at 0.5 per hour, AND THERE WAS A SMALL NUMBER OF UPPER AIRWAYS RESISTANCE EVENTS....' I added the caps. What on earth is that? 'WITH RESPIRATORY EFFORT-RELATED AROUSAL INDEX OF 8/HR'....huh? So, I stopped breathing a few times and that's okay?

    I don't even know who to turn to for more info[This Message was Edited on 07/29/2011]
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    wow, that's a lot of waking up from limb movement - has your treatment changed after the sleep study?

    I'm awake after another painful night - it seems that I hurt from just holding one position too long (like bent knees, flexed arm) or from contact with the bed (my hips are the worse - feel deep, deep pain from lying on them, but also shoulders and even sides of my ankles). The silliest is when my ears hurt from laying on them.

    I'm thinking that this might change the strategy for medications, though I do get a failing grade on 'sleep hygiene'. Two, small, exhausted dogs share our bed and the occasional child :)
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    i would make a copy of the letter, and then send a cover letter asking the questions you have here, to your sleep study expert. in mine i only slept 30 minutes. they believe i am awakened by fibro pain. During sleep the mind goes through a number of stages up and down all night. Often people with fibromyalgia do not stay in stage 4 sleep long enough which is when the body totally relaxes and has time to heal. Some medications also interfere with sleep. So yes, i'd just write a 'too the point' letter with questions numbered so he/she can reply

    best wishes
  4. chloe_s_mom

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    very sound advice - will ask/find someone to review this study (or have my doctor send, asking for a review)

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