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    because i am still officially undx, i am taking baby steps to get my pcp to believe in this illness...i asked him today for a sleep study, because, as you all probably experience, i am up all hours of the night and have very vivid and exhausting dreams, and guess what....he said "ok, no problem, let's do it and see what's going on"...imagine that, he didn't tell me i was crazy, or that i was going to have to learn to deal with it, or try to give me a Rx for another drug...i was so relieved and cautiously encouraged....i'll let everyone know how it goes.
    peace,hugs,god bless, camelgirl
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    You'll love the sleep study! It's hard to sleep with a million electrodes glued to your scalp and body!!!!! Mine indicated that I was getting zero REM sleep, which is what is needed to restore your muscles, etc.

    I could not wear the mask, so my doctor recommended that I sleep with oxygen. This really helps me a lot! I sleep with 2 liters oxygen and also take 4 tablets of Zanaflex (a muscle relaxer that makes you really sleepy--with no hangover feeling the next morning). Now I'm sleeping pretty good -- the best that I ever have since being diagnosed with fibro.

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    that makes me REALLY excited about this study:)...i have a hard enough time sleeping as is(obviously), how am i supposed to nod off with electrodes sticking out of my head?..oh well, wish me luck anyway.
    thanks, camelgirl
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