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    Hi everyone,
    I am new here too. I have Fibromyalgia and suffer like most of you from what I have read so far. I recently had a sleep study that showed I have sleep apnea and never get into the 3rd and 4th levels of sleep. I have been sleeping now with a cpap machine for a week not noticing any difference yet. The drs I have seen tho say that this should be the answer to all my problems. I have only had the diagnosis for a few months. Have not been able to work since March 1st, 2003 and right now I am short term disability. Everyone it seems I talk to says I have fibromyalgia and I can work. I literally cannot think any more, cannot concentrate, my memory is shot, noises or anykind bother me, I am depressed as well as the fatigue and pain, I cannot work. Has anybody else had luck with sleep study results, cpap machines, being able to work, etc.? If you have had good results that may be an answer for others to ask their drs for. Please let me know.
    Thanks, Darlene from AZ
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    I know of someone who uses a cpap machine, he has had 2 sleep studies done and may have a third done. He still is not sleeping well. He has the same symptoms as you, especially the memory part. Don't let them be settled with this study if you are still not doing well. If you are not happy with these opinions, get a second opinion.

    My experience with this DD is that it is multifaceted. Not just one thing helps me. A combination of treatments is what has helped. The cpap may just be for you one of the facets.

    BTW, Janet Tatman in Scottsdale is supposed to be a good resource for people with this DD and sleep problems. She is a psychologist/PA and a sleep specialist. Don't know where you are in Arizona, but she may be of help. -Karen

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    not FMS. It may help you get some more length of sleep stages. There is no cure for Alphia/Delta sleep wave overlap and you may want another sleep doc to look at your complete sleep study. We went to one that is supose tobe one of the pioneers in sleep med. Dr. June Fry in PA. She even Dx'ed use as well with FMS. A new Doc may help. There is a doctor referal listing here or you cou;d ask here if anyone knows a good one in your area. Don't get upset with these docs who don't have a real clue. Get new ones that won't distroy your finnancial future. You need to become your own best advocate. Keep copies of all your medical testing, records, MRI's what ever and we always copy our scripts to and if stopped why. If you're going LTD and applying for SSDI you'll need all the info and support from you doc he has to fill out the papers for this. Maybe you should check out the home page here and ask the lawyer listed or one near you that specialises in FMS disability.

    Gary had the surgery to correct the apnea, hurt but worked till his testoserone levels dropped to nada. The ENT said it would clear up again after the HRT.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary