Sleep talking waking yourself up??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by connieaag, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. connieaag

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    My daughter slept in our room last night because of FM pain that she couldn't control. My husband I both noticed how much she talks in her sleep. When I asked her about it, she said, "Yes, I know. I wake myself up from it all night."

    I searched it and being sleep deprived (which she is) can cause it. She takes Rozerem. Any ideas? It's no wonder she wakes up all night!
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    Hi Connie & Prickles

    Jordan just told me yesterday that he thought he was hullucinating when he "woke up" in front of the TV talking to and wagging his finger at a Cheetah on the Discovery Channel.
    He had laid down in the afternoon to watch TV and next he knows, there he is.

    He has been taking 25mg Amitripyline since early in the month, but I had skipped it the night before as a test. Don't know if that had anything to do with it.

    I wish I was able to spend more time at home to help him during the day and guide him better. I'm seriously considering FMLA but have to work out the financial part.

    Tutor is coming for the first time today. Hope that works out.

    I wish we could find something that truly helps these young people. And everyone else of course.

  3. connieaag

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    Glad to hear the tutor is in place. It has been a huge help for Kathryn during this time. She is so happy not having to worry about school. She has been getting together with friends a couple times a week. Try to make him do that so he doesn't get down any more over this.

    At first I felt guilty letting her go to school ball games and such and doing homebound, but everyone keeps asking her when she's coming back, and telling her how much they miss her. That makes her feel 'wanted' at least by her peers.

    We have no plan to go back in the near future. I wanted her to go back for Math and lunch since her tutor is not good with Algebra. She said she dreads having to keep up a Math notebook, do HW every night, take tests when she has a headache, listen to a teacher lecture, SO we're not going to force her.

    Right or wrong? Who knows. But it's working for us and that's about the only thing that is right now if you now what I mean!
  4. i too have this problem of talking in my sleep.ive had it since being a young husband has told me that he has conversations with me,and i answer his questions too.i also sleep mum used to tell me about conversations she,d had with me while i was sleep walking as a child.

    a few years ago i went on holiday with my sister and her husband.we all shared a bedroom BUT NOT THE BED HAHA.

    anyway one morning my sister said to me...

    oohh my god,you need to see a doctor,youve been talking in your sleep on and off all night.she said id answered her questions too.she had to throw her slipper at me to shut me up haha..

    scary stuff though isnt it.i have no memory of these night time conversations,and im just thankfull it was a slipper that my sister threw at me,and not a wellington boot.

    kind regards

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