Sleep test, anyone had one?

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  1. Starla

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    I'll be staying overnight at the hospital next week for a sleep test to see if I get stage 4 rest. Anyone had one? Let me know what I'm up for and your experiences.

    Thanks everyone, you are all great. I get more information from my FM friends and our own research than anywhere else. I have definitely found that we have to do all the research and stay on top of our situation ourselves. No one is just going to tell you what to do. It isn't that simple, you have to use trial and error to see what helps you the most. Thanks for all the great advice.
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    Hi, Starla:

    I underwent a sleep study in December. I am still awaiting the results, but should be hearing something soon. I spent several days there. Each day there were different tests. A couple of days I had to take nap tests. When you are being tested, you of course have the wires on your head and sometimes other places on your body that record what level of sleep you are in, whether you are dreaming, the rapid eye movements, sometimes they are also measuring your heart rate, your movements while sleeping, etc. There will be a video camera in the room. Even though I knew people were watching me and I had the wires on me, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part for me was having to stop my pain and sleep medications a week before the test and not take them again until after the test was over. But it was certainly worth it. Besides having a sleep test, I was also participating in a research study for people with fibromyalgia. So I felt good that I was helping with research that will hopefully someday lead to a cure.

    Anyway, hope this information helps you. Also, there were times when they didn't need to be testing me so I was encouraged to bring reading materials or other quiet things to do during those times. Maybe your testing will be a little different since mine was part of the research study. Good luck to you and hope you get some helpful information.

  3. klutzo

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    I had mine back in 1988 and the sleep specialist who did it knew all about FMS and what to look for.
    There were lots of wires on my head, chest and one leg, and a little clip on one finger to test for oxygen saturation.
    I remember the room was nice and warm and I slept better than I usually do at home,except later on when they kept waking me up, trying to get me to sleep on my back to check for apnea. I told them I never sleep on my back.
    The worst part for me was that like many of us, I have a very irritable bladder, so they had to put a potty-chair in the room with me (once you're all wired up, you can't leave the room). They swore to me that the camera that was watching me couldn't see it, but I always wondered. But, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
    They woke me up at 5 am., and I am someone who gets her best sleep between 5 and 8 am. Still, I thought I'd slept so well the results would be normal, but they weren't. I had no stage 4 sleep at all, and 40% of my stage 3 was interferred with by alpha waves. I also had a severe delayed sleep phase onset (that just means I am a night owl).
    I hope it isn't too bad, and that the results are helpful to you. Good luck,
  4. kadywill

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    there is NO way I could do without my meds for that long..........not gonna happen in this lifetime, I can assure you!
  5. VivaMaryKay

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    I want one. Maybe it'll help me find relief via something they find. I never found a doc who would prescribe a study. I'm in Dallas TX.
  6. Dara

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    about two years ago, they were checking for sleep apnea. I went in the night before about 9:00pm and they got me all hooked up to the electrodes. I watched TV and read for awhile. Finally at 1:00am when I was still awake they gave me the choice of either them giving me a sleeping pill or me taking one of my alprazolam's, I chose the Alprazolam because I had never taken sleeping pills before and I had to be able to go to work the next day. I finally fell asleep and then they woke me up at 5:00am so I could leave. The only results I were given was that I had very little Non-Rem sleep, which I still don't know what that means. There is definitely nothing painful about it, other than getting the glue out of your hair afterwards.

  7. pearls

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    I had a sleep test and specifically asked about my meds before it was done. The tech asked the doc and the doc said to go ahead and take my meds (I am on quite a list of them). My test was held in a converted house. Only sleep tests are done there and the doctor who reviews the results has an office in another town. (I live in a rural area.) I do have mild sleep apnea and was going to have the follow-up test, but the holidays and and bout with pneumonia caused me to put it off.

    I wonder if the fact that my first test was done while I was on my meds should raise a red flag?

    Anyway, the test was interesting to me - and certainly no pain was involved. I was told to simply sit up when I needed to go to the bathroom and ask the tech to help me. She came in and took a minute to unhook me. A lot of taped-together wires were then attached to some velco located on my back somehow. I think I carried a bundle of wires with me. Then they were simply put back into place. The electrodes were left in place and the wires attached to them were also left in place. I think the whole business was simply attached to a central system of some kind, allowing the simple unhooking and rehooking.

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  8. Starla

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    They told me to bring my meds, pajamas, something to read or a movie to watch. I am supposed to do everything as normal. I went on a trip this weekend, so the motel gave me an idea of how I would sleep away from home. I usually sleep in a warm waterbed with a featherbed topper and a down pillow. I am always struggling with a hyper 3 yr old trying to get her to bed and cleaning up the house. I never get to bed early. So simulating my home environment would be a little hard! It was a dream vacation this weekend and will be at the sleep test to just be alone and get to go to sleep at my leisure. I fell asleep this weekend right away, slept until morning. But, I woke up so stiff as a board, rigid like I had rigamortas. I was stove up with pain. I had vivid nightmares too. I always dream these realistic, movie dreams. I go to the movies every night! I had to get right into a hot bath and take my pain medicine and then stretch a lot to get my body limber enough to get back in the truck. So, it was no night of peaceful sleep. I just got to go to sleep without being so run down. It will be interesting to see the results. Thanks for everyone's response.
  9. canarysue

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    I had a sleep test done a few years ago, and it was no big deal. I was told that I was asleep within ten minutes of lights out! I was also told later that I did quit breathing once that night so I have a mild sleep apnea. Now that I have night sweats from menopause, that is the least of my worries! lol Good luck.

  10. ephemera

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    Hello. I had a sleep test done last night, so I can relate my experiences while still fresh in my mind.

    I went to the local hospital affliated with a nearby medical school. I was scheduled for 8 pm, arrived @ 8:30 on a night it was 10 degrees outside. Prior to scheduling I told them I normally didn't sleep til 3-5am & I asked if anyone had their smallpox vaccine as I didn't want to be exposed (they hadn't).

    The staff when out of their way to make me comfortable & answer my countless questions. After filling out forms I found my room far too hot & gladly the heat was turned off. Sadly, there were only 2 60 watt light bulbs & 4 huge fluorescent lights (which give me headaches, so I turned them off), so reading was out of the question. I kept the TV off, but could hear it playing in the other 5 units where others were getting tested.

    Worst of all was the noise I could hear of the water rushing in the heating pipes. (I'm very sensitive to noise & light.)

    About 10pm I was in my sleeping clothes & the staff began attaching metal sensors with alcohol & then an adhesive jelly. Nothing was painful, though I had a few tape strips adjusted because of pulling skin. I also had a box hung around my neck (about the size of 2 butter quarters with lots of wires & nobs) - this was to get used to it & also feel the weight if I need to use the bathroom behind a privacy door in the room I didn't.) I wasn't hooked up until 11 when I took my Ambien. This was about 2 hours earlier than normal, but I was to be released between 6 & 7 am, so I wanted to get the necessary 5 hours for readings.

    I got hooked up & felt like I had 25 licorice whips attached to my body - aobut 6 in the head, another 2 at shoulders, 4 in the legs, plus 2 belts across the chest - 1 above the breasts, the other below. These were for heart & lung monitoring. Plus I had the finger monitor. After showing me that my heart rate & ozygen levels were good I had them cover the monitor with a towel so I coudn't see the green lights.

    I slept on my side (not a problem) or at least tried to as there was way too much light & I kept waking up with the noise. In the morning I was told there was no sign of restless leg or sleep apnea & there was a little stage 3 & 4 sleep. I should have results in about 10 days as I requested a copy of what my doctors receive.

    All in all, less worrisome than I expected. Not at all painful, just uncomfortable to get into the right sleeping positions. I took my pillow & some ear plugs which came in handy. I wish I'd had a radio or Walkman as an alternative to the TV.

    The experience went well & I wish others the same.

    Best thoughts.