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    So I went for the test on Tuesday and Wednesday. No results yet: I go back next week for that.

    I looked like an alien: I think I had a total of 15 wires on my head, face (those really bothered me), and legs. I had two straps around my chest and stomach to measure breathing, and a tube in my nose to see if I stop breathing over night.

    The night time test was ok. I did fall asleep for a few hours. The tech kept saying "we need one more hour of sleep". Some how I was able to fall back asleep each time, I dont know how because I can never do this at home. At 7Am after the 3rd time she said "just one more hour" I started to freak out. She was able to disconnect about 1/3 of my equipment. Then the daytime test started. I stayed there until 3:30PM, and was suppose to take scheduled naps every 2 hours. Everytime the doc came in and hooked my machine back in I got so nervous and was unable to sleep "on demand". I started to fall asleep once, but since it was not part of their schedule they woke me up. Finally at 3:30 they realeased me!!

    Being in that bed was so uncomfortable. Yes, I have days were I am so tired and on the couch most of the day but for some reason staying in there bed was bad. In between naps they would unplug me so I could get up. My legs hurt very bad: It was like I haven't walked in days. I would walk around the hall and into the garage and just strecth and walk in circles for 20 minutes.

    I hope they get something from the test to show why I am so tired. It is funny that within hours of waking up I am ready for a nap (and that is with caffenie), but there I could not sleep and was caffenie deprived. Results next week............
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    Can totally identify, i felt like the terminator lol, let us know your results

    all the best

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