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    I haven't checked this board in a couple of weeks.

    The only thing new with me is that I'm sleeping much better than I have in ages. Since late March I've been on Doxepin. Started out at ~100mg but that wasn't doing much. Went to 125mg for 2 weeks, 150mg for another week. 175mg is when I started noticing the relaxing effect and I've slept much better.

    It's been probably 15 years since I've felt a natural type of healthy tired that I've felt in the past week. Next week I go up to 200mg to see how that works.

    In other news I've deviated from my alkaline diet quite a bit, but may shift that direction again after Memorial Day. I'm also on week 3 of 1000mg of Tetracycline for a suspected case of Tropical Sprue or something similar. Somewhere between the Doxepin, avoiding 'trigger' foods and the antibiotics, my stomach has been acting better.