Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jillg, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. jillg

    jillg New Member

    Hi! I have fibromyalgia and I have had trouble falling asleep at night. My body doesn't feel relaxed at night. Sometimes it is my stomach and sometimes it is my stomach. Can anyone recommend something such as Klonopin ,etc. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  2. raslin25

    raslin25 New Member

    I have a lot of trouble resting too.

    My rhumey put me on amitriplyine or elvail to sleep it does help, but i still dont sleep 100% but it does help me a great deal.

    Can you talk to your dr about giving you something to help you sleep? i also use a heating pad at night when i go to sleep to relieve the pain or help ease it a little anyway.

    Make sure you also mention the stomach pain to your dr too.
    there is alot of great advice on the board about different meds. just read through all the posts and that might help you find somethings that might work.

    good luck,
  3. caperkat

    caperkat New Member

    I started out on regular Ambien, but would wake up around 2 am & have trouble getting any more sleep. I'm very pleased with the CR variety, and don't feel any grogginess in the morning. Wishing you many blissful sleepfilled hours...

  4. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I used to have trouble falling asleep; then started taking ZMA, Cal-Mag & Calms Forte (homeopathic), plus wine w/dinner.

    I then wake up around midnight, and take another calms, Klonopin & a sleeping med (alternate Dalmane & Restoril).

    But Klonopin addresses so many of my issues that I put that at the top of my stomach, sleep, anxiety, etc.


    P.S. Then I started neurofeedback, and right now I'm not doing the lst part of the above, and go right to sleep. Still need more serotonin to handle the rest of the night.
  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Before you begin taking sleeping pills do try relaxation techniques first. Try EVERYTHING else first. Although it's much easier to pop a pill, they're easy to get hooked on. I know; I'm trying to stop taking them and it's really hard.

    And welcome! I see this is your first post.

  6. mshonda400ex

    mshonda400ex New Member

    I have the same issues. Restless leg syndrome. Doctors prescribed me requip the same medicine my grandmother takes for Parkinsons? how wierd is that. Anyway it gave me horrible side effects. Muscle relaxers don't work for me either. Sometimes I will take a really hot bath before bed time. That seems to work.

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