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  1. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    I have been on Valdoxan for 3 months. It is excellent. Take it 20 minutes before you go to bed in addition to clonazepam to achieve a long, restful sleep. Without the latter I wake up after 6 hours. Excellent combination, no side effects.
  2. heapsreal

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    Looks interesting medication, from what I have read its a noradrenaline/dopamine disinhibitor as it antagonizes 5ht2c serotonin receptors, looks similar to avanza/mirtazipine but with a much shorter half life. I know avanza puts me to sleep but has a hang over effect, this looks like it might work in a similar way but without the hangover.

    Glad its working for you, sleeps important to recovery. I hope this med is in australia, i would be keen to try it.

  3. hensue

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    How are you doing otherwhise do you have anxiety or depression. I have the other son that is on effexor for the major depression and social phobia.
    He is also on zoloft at night.

    We have it under control but not where he should be. Plus the weight gain. Does this drug address these issues?

    I was following some dude on line and it did not work for him. I have seen drugs work for me and not others so it did not suprise me.

    This is fairly new?
    Take care

    by the way I have a great dysfunctional family! We are sane I think just a little dysfunctional like the rest of the world.
    Right here on this board I have found lots of answers.

  4. KerryK

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    I wonder if you could tell us which country you are in. Unfortunately, valdoxan is unavailable in N.America for the next couple years though I watch it with interest and hope to try it one day.
  5. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Valdoxan is an MT1, MT 2 agonist and a so called noradrenalin dopamine disinhibitor.

    It has an extremely low half life approximately 3.5 hours and this is why it does not have any side effects.

    Indication: excellent for sleep really. I am a very difficult case what sleep is concerned. I also add 1 mg clomazepam just to prolong sleep. It put you asleep in 20 minutes like a baseball bat.

    It works by improving sleep and thereby normalizing the HPA axis. The French inventor says it is a miracle.... No weight gain absolutely.

    However, if someone is suffering from a sever case of depression (major depression) I do not think it would work bc of the extremely short half life. What is weird that it really helps me calm down and sleep.

    In sum: It seems to be excellent for CFS patients bc they do not suffer from primary depression. They are overstimulated and sleep deprived for which symptoms it is excellent.

    According to the pharmaceutical company it is excellent in major depression as well. However, in 2 clinical trials placebo was more efficient. It is weird. This is why I think it is much rather for CFS patients who do not really need antidepressant but who are rather "wired but tired".

    I am now in Europe where it is approved. In the USA it is now in phase II. clinical trials. Find someone in EU. I am happy to help although I have limited resources. Europe has universal (socialized) health care which means that Valdoxan costs 6 dollars. You in the USA are not eligible for our state subsidy thus you must pay the full purchase price which is cca 65,-dollars. Worth to try.

    I still owe Christa an answer regarding how to obtain this drug. I am sorry, I am swamped right now.


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