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    Theres a few sleep topics going at the moment and i have done abit of research over the years on it. I deally we are searching for good old stage 4 sleep, but we really dont know if we're getting it or not unless we're hooked up to a machine in a lab. So i have come to the conclusion of not worrying about this but just finding medication or combination that can give me a good long sleep of atleast 8 hrs and i wake up feeling rested.

    I think its a trial and error thing as well, its written that traditional benzos interrupt normal sleep patterns but i think if your getting good sleep and waking up feeling good/ok then your doing well. I find taking a combination of things works well as i think us with cfs getting sleep is especially hard to come by.

    Obviously run things by your doc, basic list of things for sleep,
    Benzo's eg valium, tamazepam, mogadon,klonopin,

    Z-drugs- zopiclone/imovane, zolpidem/stilnox/ambien

    sedating anti-depressants- mirtazipine/avanza, doxepine/deptran, endep/amitriptyline, surmontil

    Antihistamines- phenergan/promethazine, atarax, doxylamine/restavit

    Others- seroquel, lyrica, gabapentine/neurontin, topamax.

    What i have found is using one of the benzo's or z-drugs to help get to sleep with an antihistamine or a sedating antidepressant to help u stay asleep and give you deep sleep. I also recommended changing things up regularly so you dont build up a tolerence to a particular medication and it stops working etc and it helps keep your dosages low. Also if you find some natural things help like valerian etc you can try adding them in there somewhere. Jaminhealth has a good little combo of natural and medication she has found effective for her.

    I just think sleep is so important to cfs, without it we will never recover. I dont think its the whole storie but without it your going to feel 100 times worse. Im averaging a 9 out of 10 at the moment but with a few nights of poor sleep im back to a 5 or 6 pretty quick.

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    I need the Unisom/doxalamine succinate type not only cuz it makes me sleepy but helps with sinus headaches. Without it, I will usually wake up within 4 hours with a headache. Wish I could sleep in a recliner.... The other thing I use is melatonin. The combination (for me) is great 99% of the time.
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    I agree. I have had sleep issues my whole life. I think it has to do with our "wiring".

    I really think it is imperative for everyone with this diagnosis to get a sleep study. It might validate our DDs if nothing else. This latest treatment has helped me to get deeper sleep. Yeah, I am still sleeping 10-12 hours as I probably have a horrific sleep debt but it is a healing type of sleep. I am hoping this will continue but right now I will take all I can.

    If you are experiencing fatigue I it is important in ruling out other conditions that may be causing or not helping CFS/ME/FM. There's a lot of research out there that is available about sleep.

    Maybe we need a good article about sleep in PH's library. Maybe they are already there?? Too late tonight but will check tomorrow.



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    I have a sleep medication that works great for me...but I still wake up unrefreshed and my body never feels recharged. I sleep great or at least think I am but obviously something is going wrong during the night..that is why I am having the study done.
    Been on Lunesta almost 5 years and it still puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep with no problem.

    I have tried everything in order to try and wake feeling refreshed but never do. I am super sensative to medications so most of the time I can only take 1/4 of a pill (remeron, trazadone etc.) or else I will be hung over for a full 24 hours.

    I have also tried numerous over the counter stuff including herbals. None of those ever let me fall asleep.

    This is probably a huge cause of my daytime tiredness so that is why I agree that a sleep study for us could be very helpful.

    I am beginning to think anxiety is playing a huge part in my body feeling unrested cause sometimes at night I will wake up and feel the adrenelin just surging through my body non stop. Yes..I have tried ativan too and it does nothing to help me sleep.

    So very frustrating..I wanted to try and get off lunesta but am not sure if no sleep is better than unrestful sleep.
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    I am melatonin USUALLY does the trick. Well for making me fall asleep...staying there is a whole nother thing. I either wake up in pain or something like my dh bopping me in the head with his elbow like he did last nite. Some nites i cant get to sleep to save my life but thats usually bc i have something on my mind. I was so exhausted last nite i fell asleep on the couch at 9pm and when he woke me to go to bed (WHY would someone WAKE someone to go to bed??? Grrr) i went right back to sleep. A rare thing. Usually if im woken then im up. For good. And i feel not too bad today! Maybe i got some good restorative sleep for once!
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    Sometimes I get the "hangover" effect even without medication. Yikes, sometimes we just can't win.

    The duct tape might also work for BigMama2.

    Seriously, my daughter would occasionally sleep walk when puberty kicked in. One time she was spending the night at a friends house. She walked down the stairs and out the front door. Fortunately the father heard this and by the time he was downstairs, she was knocking on the back door. To this day, she has no memory of this.

    She maybe had five instances of this and then it stopped.


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