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    Hi, If you've read alot of my threads u probably know insomnia is one on my worst symptoms. I have taken everything and it seems i build up a tolerance to sleep meds quite quickly. Im at a stage where nothing is working any more and im thinking of doing a slow taper off sleep meds with valium as it has a longer half life and is said to be easier to come off.

    I just dont know if i have an addiction or tolerence to sleep meds or is it just cfs causing my dysfunctional sleep or lack of. Has anyone ever tapered of their sleep meds and regained there normal sleep ability or is this dysfunctional sleep just where cfs is hitting me hardest. My current dose of sleep meds i dont think is high, valium at 10mg, mogadon at 10mg, imovane between 7.5 and 15mg, i dont take these meds all at once but juggle bewteen them with some nights being benzo free and using antihistamines , sedating antidepressants or seroquel, but basically cant sleep without taking something. example the other night i actual felt sleepy tired and went to bed at 1030pm and woke up at 1130pm, one whole hour. I sat up for awhile, reading surfing the net etc and at 230am gave up and took 2 imovane to get some sleep. This was a good night because i actually fell asleep without any meds. Most nights i just cant sleep at all till i take something, i have even lost my ability to nap through the day even when feeling tired.

    Its a strange feeling because i dont feel anxious or worry excessively about trying to sleep, actually my mind just wonders aimlessly thinking about nothing in general. Do others feel this way? Its now 2am here and ive had half hour of sleep and dont feel at all sleepy, i have to wake up at 530am to get ready for work and do a 10 hr shift, this is not uncommon for me. I f i could sleep normally my energy levels would be greatly improved. I have had a sleep study and all they seem interested in is sleep apnea, which they didnt find because i slept a total of 20min stage 2 sleep.

    Thanks for listening to my rant, any advice appreciated.

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    I would suspect a chronic Babesia infection and very probably Borrelia burgdorferi too.

    Take a look at this booklet's symptom list.....

    And another symptom list on p 9-11 and Babesia and other coinfection info pages 22-27...
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    I live in australia, so i dont think i would have a tick infection from deers but i do believe that many other animals spread lyme disease. I have done 12 month course of doxy and then mino in the past but with only limited help, although i do have a generalised rash on my back which docs have said is eczma. I havent had cd57 lymph tested but cd 56 has always been in range and have had nk cells tested and were told they have poor function, my other t-cells have always been elevated which my doc says is due to reactive ebv. I have done a few antibiotic courses in the past like flagyl and azithro, flagyl helped with irritable bowel.

    I have saved those links u sent me and talk it over with my quack when i see him next.

    Thanks again
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    its funny in australia they are funny about prescribing klonopin/rivotril and xanax but ok with valium which i use occassionally. Tamaze just doesnt do it. Mirtazipine stoppped working for me. zopiclone has been my most useful benzo but its pooping out. I do have seroquel but its either a bomb or a fizza so only take it occassionally. I have used doxepin in the past but it did start to poop out on me but didnt use more then 50mg so i think i can increase this upto 100mg but have to check up on this.

    I would like to find a non benzo so ii can give myself a break from them. I am weiry of benzo addiction but at the moment i would find it hard as they dont work at the moment anyway, lol. I am going through abit of a strange time with my cfs of late, my last lymphocyte test was high and since then have caught a few winter bugs as well which i think have upset the apple cart. Maybe i just have alot of inflammatory cytokines floating around keeping me tired but wired.

    Ive got 3 hrs till work, think i might be calling in sick, no not a nurse but a paramedic, should be able to claim workers comp for all the people who cough and splutter all over us, lol. No sick leave left so another day without pay.

    Halcion, mmm they stock it here and cheap too, just looked it up. Like to stay away from benzos but will keep it up my sleeve.

    thanks aussie
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    Rang in sick for work at 530am for a 7am start, then slept till 830, 3hrs, feel abit better but thats abit better then crap, im sure i will feel worse throughout the day, Have an appointment with the doc this afternoon going to get a week off work and see what else we can do. I think i need a different sleep med for each day of the week, lol. Fat chance of that though, thats getting a doc to agree and also finding 7 things that would put me to sleep, lol
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    Other vectors likely do spread lyme and all the other coinfections related to it.

    Dr Burrascano says in his paper in Advanced Topics in Lyme disease" (link in my first reply), that "Very severe lyme disease can be a clue to Babesia infection, as it will make lyme symptoms worse and make Lyme treatments less effective."

    Usually Mepron, Zithromax and Artemesia is used.

    Many people have found this to be true.

    It often takes several years of combination antibiotics to get better.