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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Daisys, Apr 16, 2008.

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    I'm being treated for lyme, recently tested for Babesia. I think I have it because of constantly being drenched with perspiration. It used to be preceded by fever, now I just have low temps all the time. (A little higher lately, because I'm now taking a little more armour, and it finally kicked in.)

    Anyway, one day I decided to stop all caffiene--not even one bag of caffienated green tea, and since then, I have been sleeping almost all day. I may be alert, and feel rested for up to an hour, but then my eyes get heavy, and I just have to nap. They last from a half hour to an hour.

    I sleep about 7 hours at night. If I have to be alert for something like an appt., I make tea with caffiene.

    I always figure it's healthy to sleep, but wonder if this could be a symptom of something that should be looked into? I don't have an appt. for another 2 weeks.

    The only other change is I started on cholestryamine. Well, also, my pain has been addressed and is almost completely relieved at this time.

    I'm just wondering if there's any reason to be concerned about all this sleep. It sure does feel good! I hope it's just plain ole healing!

    I appreciate any feedback.
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    I take some very strong sleep aids, and 7 hours is about the most I can usually get out of them. I have had a very stubborn sleep disorder for years--I don't get the deep wave sleep.

    That's why I'm so amazed to suddenly find myself sleeping several times a day. I do a lot of dreaming, which maybe I'm missing at night, so that's good. I think I'm now getting at least 12 hours of sleep a day now.

    I still need the sleep aids at night for the deep sleep. I tried not using them, and I sleep a half hour or so and then wake up, (same as during the day), so don't get the slow wave sleep.

    I am being treated with abx, 2 at a time, and changing 1 every 6 months. I have definitely been herxing the entire time. It changes every once in awhile, but I have not had one day that I felt normal since treatment began.

    My doctor has started me on cholestryamine. Hopefully, it will be the detox miracle he feels it could be.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

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    I was just like you, sleeping many hours a day, but not having any refreshing sleep. The doctor tried different sleep aids, and even several at the same time, and nothing worked.

    I started taking xyrem and it was a dream come true. From the first day, I was alert all day long, and clear headed. It changed my life.

    The drawback, for me, is that when it wears off, it has an alerting effect and that is very powerful for me. So, if I don't get enough sleep on xyrem, I may feel sleep deprived, but only will sleep the next night when I take the next dose of xyrem.

    So, when klonopin was added, it modified the effects of xyrem, and now I sleep a much more natural sleep. But, I still, lately, just get around 7 hours of sleep, and that's ok, but I feel better with at least 8. Well, I can't complain about that anymore!

    I wonder if getting relief from pain has helped me be able to sleep better during the day. Some days, I don't sleep all day long, but other days, it seems that's all I do. I'm up an hour and just start getting into a project and here comes a nap, no denying it.

    Femmdange, I just love a hot detox bath (I add epsom salt and baking soda). My body temperature tends to be low, and I get achy. I'm taking more thyroid now, and I notice the higher my body temp, the less pain I have. So, if I have lots of aches and pains, I take a hot bath to bring my body heat up, and it makes a difference.

    This is a confusing illness. It's been constantly changing on me. I'm considering the extra sleep a good thing, unless my doctor tells me differently.
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    I only had one nap today. I feel like going to bed early, so I hope to get a good night's sleep tonight.

    Thank you, Twinofdar, for the encouragement.

    Blinkie, I think I already told my secret: xyrem and klonopin. Before that, I was on 5 different medications and not getting good sleep. That doesn't account for all the daytime sleeping tho, and I can't explain that!

    Too bad there's no way to private message here. I would never publicly identify any lyme literate doctor, because they put their license on the line just to treat lyme disease. If you go to lymenet, you could probably get a name of one near you.
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    I wear a 3 day fentanyl patch. The 1st day, I sleep a lot. The second day, I feel a little caught up on sleep. The 3rd day, it runs out of juice, and I have more pain, and so sleep and rest less. And find it hard to nap, too much pain. So, it will get fixed now that I know who to contact about it.

    Thanks, everyone for your thoughts!