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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockyjs, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. rockyjs

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    This topic has come up a few times and I think the general consensus is that we sleep better in separate beds. I saw this little blurb about a study done in Austria that was interesting.


    Sleeping Alone Better for the Brain, Say Researchers

    When one partner sleeps on the couch, it may not be such a bad thing for men. Austrian scientists have determined that men who sleep alone have better mental skills and less stress the following day.

    Researchers at the University of Vienna studied eight unmarried, childless couples in their 20s. Each couple spent 10 nights sleeping together and 10 apart. Their rest patterns were assessed through the use of questionnaires, wrist monitors, cognitive tests and hormone stress level measurements. Their research was presented to the Forum of European Neuroscience.

    While men reported that they slept better with a partner, their results told a different story. They scored lower in the tests and higher in stress hormones.

    Women, on the other hand, were more refreshed than the men, and they reported that they slept better when alone.

    One possible explanation for the ladies’ higher level of slumber may be the fact that once they drifted off, they tended to sleep more soundly since they are more accustomed to sleep disturbances.

    “A lot of life events that women have disturb sleep - bringing up children, the menopause and even the menstrual cycle,” explained Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert at the University of Surrey. Bed sharing may also affect dream recall. Women remembered more of their dreams after sleeping alone.

    “Sleep is the most selfish thing you can do and it’s vital for good physical and mental health,” Stanley said. “Sharing bed space with someone who is making noises and who you have to fight with for the duvet is simply not sensible,” Stanley said.

    He added that if couples are happy sleeping together, they should continue to do so. However “there is no shame in separate beds.”
  2. claudiaw

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    Hubby and I have been married 16yrs. and are happy.;)

    We each have our own room. My husband work's odd hours and day's, can change in a instant. I can go back to sleep ifhe wakes me up( sometimes), but if I would wake him up he could not go back to sleep, and he misses a lot with his work as it is.

    for us having seperate room's work's great. Has not effected marrige, except for the best.:) We are both more rested, so we are in better mood's.:)

    Best wishes,

  3. CockatooMom

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    Yes, I prefer to sleep alone as well. I posted a month or so ago about my body jerking & jumping keeping my hubby awake.

    Also, I need to sleep with "support" pillows that get in his way.

    We have two beds and two bedrooms, but I'm not sure how to tell him I really WANT to sleep alone without hurting his feelings.

  4. libra55

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    My husband works the graveyard shift (police officer) so I sleep with the dog too!

    On the two nights my husband is home, the dog sleeps in his own little bed. My husband does not like him in the bed with us. I have never told him the dog sleeps with me but I think he knows. The female dog is older and too fat to jump up in the bed or she would be up there too.

    I do sleep better without my husband there. We are big people and have a small bed. The dog is tiny - he doesn't take up any room and just curls himself in a little ball in the small of my back.

  5. Geechie

    Geechie New Member

    she couldn't get on the bed (arthritic and lived to 21). We bought her a ramp.

    From reading all this, no wonder I don't sleep! My bed has a man and a bunch of cats in it!! LOL

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