Sleeping in FM and CFIDS

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    How do you know if you are getting into Stage 4 sleep?? We all know about that morning "crash" feeling to some degree. I have it too and from what I hear if you don't get the right sleep it can have a lot to do with this horrible feeling. So, how do you know if you getting into stage 4 sleep? Do you have to employ a sleep therapist to figure this out? If you sleep straight through for a certan time period without waking, can this mean you were in stage 4 at some point? (For example, 4-5 hours straight). I am lucky to only wake up 1-3 times per night as compared to many others who wake much more often.

    any help is appreciated.
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    I think most of us with FM (not sure with CFIDS) don't get enought of stage 4 sleep, which is when healing in our body takes place. I participated in a sleep research study so it didn't cost me anything to participate (in fact they even paid me to participate). I wanted to help in the research, of course, but it also gave me some answers to questions I had regarding sleep. I don't get enough of the stage 4 sleep. So that explains why even after sleeping several hours or even through the whole night, I never wake up feeling refreshed. They didn't think I had sleep apnea, although I would have had to go for a study that specifically checked for that, but just by my breathing alone, they didn't think I had a problem with that. I can't remember exactly what, but there is some different equipment they have to attach to you to check for that.

    I don't know where you live, but you should check the hospitals in your area to see if they have or know of a nearby sleep center.

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    I can only tell you from my own experience about stage four sleep.

    I never had a sleep study done, I can't even imagine myself sleeping with all those 'things' attached to me when I could not sleep in total confort, but I guess it works for some.

    I never slept through the night even as a child, so I know what it feels like to not sleep for more than an hour or two at a time.

    I am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night, deeply, by deeply I mean that I am totally unconscious.

    I only wake up if I have to go to the bathroom, and sometimes I must be sleeping through it, as I will be 'dreaming' I have to go, when I do wake up it feels like I had been holding it in for hours (so far I have not wet the bed)!

    I am taking ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and B-6), thats what made the difference in the sleeping for me.

    As for that 'crash' feeling in the morning, well its been better since I am sleeping for a longer period of time, but I still don't wake up like a normal person.
    I am at least out of it for about an hour. I do need that one cup of strong coffee in the morning before I can function normally.

    But before the ZMA, I would be out of it for almost the entire day.

    Somehow I think that morning feeling has something to do with the FM. I doubt if we will ever completely get rid of it unless they find out the cause.

    Hope this helps some............

    Shalom, Shirl