sleeping like a rock with l-ornithine (amino acid)

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    I have posted several times here about what I take for sleep. I recently discovered amino acid l-ornithine. I take one about 15 minutes before bed (in addition to everything else I take) and I am out like a light in 15 minutes.

    I wake up once to go to the bathroom and then right back to sleep. I'm able to cut out the benadryl and valerian root now, but still take everything else which is below.

    This is what I've read about l-ornithine from manufacturer's website:

    "Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid and is manufactured by the body. Since the body can produce ornithine, a deficiency of this non-essential amino acid is rare and it is abundant in protein foods such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.

    "Ornithine is important since it:

    "Induces the release of growth hormone in the body, which in turn helps with fat metabolism
    Required for a properly functioning immune system and liver.
    Assists in ammonia detoxification and liver Rejuvenation
    Helps healing and repairing skin and tissue and is found in both these body parts.
    Unsupported claims that ornithine promotes muscle building, but this has not been proven.
    Helpful for people recouping after surgery and athletes may benefit from this nutrient."

    This says nothing about sleep, but I learned about it somewhere else and it WORKS.

    I also take the following:

    5-htp (hydroxytryptophan) - amino acid which
    converts to serotonin in the brain. I take it on an
    empty stomach, 50 mg. late morning and 50 mg. late

    Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) - saliva test revealed
    high cortisol levels - this helps lower them. I had the
    testing done through Clymer Healing Reserach in
    Pennsylvania and get Seriphos from them (all was done
    over the phone, by mail & e-mail, I'm in California).

    High cortisol levels interfere with sleep & relaxation.

    I've recently read about an herb, magnolia officinalis,
    which is also supposed to help lower cortisol levels -
    this website sells a product called Relora, which I may
    try in place of the Seriphos.

    GABA - amino acid which has a calming effect, it's very
    good, I take it before bed. l-theanine also works well,
    I think it helps the body to produce GABA

    ZMA (zinc/magnesium supplement) - from this website, I
    take 3 before bed

    Coral calcium - I take during the day with meals

    omega 3 essential fatty acids - our brains are 75% fat, they need these to function properly, I've recently started supplementing with flaxseed oil and fish oil which I take during the day w/food.

    Magnesium - besides the ZMA at night, I take magnesium and malic acid (as magnesium malate) during the day w/food and I think this helps with energy as well as sleep.

    I've also read we need some sunshine each day for our bodies to produce their own melatonin so that's important too.
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    Thanks. I will check into this. Thanks for the research.

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    I'll read up on some that i'm not familiar with~
    But it looks like your taking plenty of supplements that promote sleep! no wonder your sleeping like a log!!LOL
    ZMA,Gaba,and mag. are all helpful for sleep~
    right? Sleep is a wonderful thing huh?
    regards :) tandy
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    You didn't say what the Seriphos costs. Is the magnolia officinalis cheaper? I have heard of the latter,by the way! Thanks for the information! Daneen
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    Deeah - you're welcome. It has taken me many years to come up with this combo.

    Tandy - you're right, sleep is a wonderful thing. I never thought I would be able to sleep like this again. The ZMA, GABA and magnesium is a great combo, but it wasn't quite enough - I usually had to add a benadryl to the mix and valerian root. Now with the l-ornithine I'm able to cut those out. hmmm. . . . cannot even remember the good old days so long ago when I was able to just go to bed and sleep without taking so much stuff!

    Daneen - Seriphos costs $22 for 100 capsules from Clymer Healing Research, I take 4 a day but may be cutting back soon. I initially started with 8 a day about 6 months ago. It works best for me to take it in divided doses on an empty stomach, 2 capsules first thing in the morning and 2 capsules before lunch. I first tried taking it at night and in the middle of the night as suggested by Clymer Healing Research but had a bad reaction to those times.

    One thing to pay attention to with the Seriphos - I guess my body is getting better - at first I needed 8 capsules a day, but after a few months found I was getting more tired and then realized that it was making my cortisol levels too low, so had to cut back. So you do have to monitor it. A saliva test can help with this. The Seriphos has been wonderful, but I just have a feeling it might be better to try to work with the herb magnolia which I mentioned I just recently discovered. So that will be my next experiment. Always something new ---

    I think we will all know so much if/when we recover from these DD that we can be wonderful healers for all those less fortunate who haven't had the experience of having their lives ripped from them and desperately trying everything they can find to get their lives back. I see people who are so cavalier and nonchalant about their health, eating crap, not exercising, I want to scream at them to not take it for granted. but I don't . . . I will make a bundle if/when I ever do get well - have learned soooooo much, probably much more than I ever wanted to.

    c'est la vie -- I hope this helps.