sleeping medications can be helpful

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    just a fyi-

    sleep is crucial to a person w cfs or fibro. try natural stuff first- sleep hygine (comfy bed, dark room, cool room, etc), and look into some supps like magnesium, melatonin, l theanine, etc.

    if none of that helps- it may be time to consider rx sleeping meds. in general they give one better sleep quality than over the counter sleeping pills.

    me- for example- i take some natural supps (listed above) AND rx sleeping pill. (ambien). ambien has been a life saver for me.

    i am just trying to say- dont be afraid to go with rx sleeping medications- if you need them. major sleep disturbances is often a main problem with cfs and fibro.

    sweet dreams
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    After resisting for 6 years. A worrying episode, which I couldn't turn off resulting in such insommnia I was going downhill at the rate of knots. I went to the doctor and got a prescription and that has helped my recover to my (poor) old self.
    I would be interested in knowing from anybody who has been on sleeping or sedating medications for a long time what are the results, ie do you become immune, or new health problems. TN
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    I have taken alot of different meds for sleep, i need to rotate and change between different meds regularly as i adapt to them quite quickly, usually cant take something more then 2 nights in a row and it wont work, but if i use something else for a night or 2 then go back to original med i get good sleep. I dont think its a tolerance i have built up over the years as this happened in the very begining when using meds for sleep. I had that tired but wired type fatigue and the sleep meds definately helped because without a good nights sleep i felt like crap warmed up. I have improved alot since using valtrex(antiviral) but natural good sleep is something i have trouble with, so i still need sleep meds, my doc is ok with this and understands that most people with cfs have chronic sleep problems.

    I wish they would bring a few more new sleep meds to the market as not too many sleep meds work for me, although there are a few meds used off label for sleep that i have found effective like sedating antidepressants etc.

    mmmmm sleep, never ending search, lol
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    I've taken Ambien (regular, not CR) for several years on and off. I've probably been on it for about two years this last time. My dose is 2.5 mg/night. I had my doctor's permission to use it before Xyrem so that I would get sleepy before I took it. I stopped with the Xyrem a long time ago (expense, but it did work great -- would like to be able to afford it), but continued with Ambien. My prescription dose is 5 mg, but I cut it in half a long time ago and would cut it even further, but the tablets are so small that I can't do that.

    I am now on zolpidem (generic), but just last week decided to see if I could wean myself off as it would save me some money. I did this while we were on vacation because I was getting a lot of sunshine during the day and felt this would help me get sleepy at night. I took 1 mg sublingual melatonin as well.

    Now I've been off for almost a week. For the first few days I had lots of vivid dreams (even more than usual -- and I always have a lot!), but they seem to have died down. I'm starting to drift back into going to sleep at 1 or 2 in the morning instead of 11 pm like during vacation.

    I don't know if I'll stay off -- we'll see. But I like not feeling sluggish during the day -- even the small dose stayed in my body a long time like almost all the meds or supplements I've taken.

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    25 mg. at bedtime along with Lodine and I sleep great! when I was first dx'd in the late 80's I did not realize I was not sleeping well. The doctor told me it was like sleeping with one foot out of the bed and he put me on doxepin and later I was able to get off of it and take melatonin sublingually.

    Today, I take the elavil.
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    I have taken Ambien for several years. 10 mg. The drug does NOT put me to sleep, so I take valium for that. About every six weeks the pills didn't seem to work, I would stop them 4 or 5 days and use Soma instead, then go back.

    For about 3 months now I discovered I could cut the zolpidem/ambien in half with a pill splitter. I sleep just as well using half the dose and now I have not had to stop it, it seems to continue working better than the double or full dose.

    About 5 years ago I had assorted crazy symptoms and felt very , very sick. In a long MD visit he listened and said I was severly sleep deprived. A whole new life started from that point. More drugs, sending the king of snore and restless legs to another room, put a box fan on the floor next to my head, hear no barking, no snoring, also a cool room helps. I sleep much better in winter when the temps are consistent. Spring and summer night temps vary /window open /allergy/ and a lovely but dang bird in the tree outside my window singing non stop. Too bad a squirt gun wouldn't reach it!

    The length of sleep and quality has a huge part in my pain level and how the next day goes.