sleeping or not as it will be.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shazzy, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Shazzy

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    My GP started me on Prothidan/Dothipin two weeks ago. They are meant to help with sleeping but not with me. I taking hours and hours to drop off only to wake about 4 later. I have had them before and it worked, why not now?

    It is making me very ill.

  2. Shazzy

    Shazzy New Member

    I am bumping this up as sleepless nights is making the day unbarable to get through. Please any suggestions, sleep time is becoming a nightmare.

  3. robing2

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    I recommed provigel for meds. Swimming (even if you don't swim)--water aerobics is better than any pain killer. No joke.
  4. Shazzy

    Shazzy New Member

    Hi Betsy,
    Thanks for the list. I honed my dr but didnt get any help. Just 4 hours is quite good. I replied not if you got ME.
    The answer i got was give it a chance to work.

  5. bejo

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    I'm not sure what the meds are that you're taking.I take elavil to help me sleep.Muscle relaxers work for some people but they wouldn't do anything for me.I tried ambien but they drugged me up too much and even though I slept I never felt rested with them.Hope this helps you a little.
  6. kredca4

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    Sorry your still not getting any Sleep. I don't either, 3 hours here, 4 hours there, I just take it as I can get it.

    Did you get your Package yet? Hope so, I want to put a Smile on your face if even for a moment or 2.

    I saw my Rhumotoligst yesterday, and I asked her about CFS and being tired, and my FMS/CMP and being tired, was it the same? Could I have CFS, and she said no, that the Fatigue I have is from the Combo FMS/CMP. That's why when I can keep Pain and Stress under Controll, I can get around for awhile, but then I am just shot by 1 in the afternoon, and all I want to do is Sleep. Then I get up for a few hours, then back to sleep, been like this all my Life, made life fun when I was Bartending night's, my body never knew what was going on.

    I had Insomina so bad once, that my roommate had to take me to the Hospital, the Intern said he hadn't seen anyone this bad since his FInal Exam day's. They gave me a shot, I had been up for 3/4 days striaght, I had taken Qulades, and still didn't sleep, just got stupid, then when I had to go to work, I took Speed Dexamil time release, Dr Rx by the way, and Worked like a Whirlwind, then back to taking a Qualude in order to get some sleep. Nope, just a vicious circle and the Meds didn't help.

    I was taking Meds for Body aches and Pains even back then, the Doctor's had worked me over good by the time I was in my 30's, with no answer's, except Wrong ones.

    Sleep is so important for our body, but I think sometimes our Mind just won't Shut-off, and it seems like the more we try, the Harder it becomes.

    I think it has to do with Trying to hard, because we are aware of the Problem. Here's a lame example, but;

    When I was Married the First time, it was because I thought I was Pregrant, turns out it was Cyst' and Tumors in the Female area. So when I found out I wasn't Preggiers, I wanted to get Pregrant so bad, to make it up to the Man who Married me because he thought I was. Well the more I tried the more it didn't work, went through a lot of test's and tried everything, {including Standing on my Head afterwards}

    Well we went to a Friends wedding, I got snockered (drunk) and because after 2 and a half years, we decided to just get Divorced. We went home to change clothes to head out to Disneyland for the rest of the Wedding Party, we thought Heck one for the Road huh? Never made it to Disneyland. wink!

    Yes I now have a Son who's Birthday is the day after my Friends Wedding Aniv. lol He has gone to Disneyland every Year on his Birthday, must feel that Conection.

    The Point? The Harder you try sometimes, the more your Mind/Body Resists, and if nothing else, I hope I took your Mind off of your Sleeplessness, long enough to smile, or I bored you so much you will go right to Sleep, lol.

    Look for the Silver Lining today in the form of a package,
    God Bless You,