Sleeping Pills advantages/side effects. Can anyone help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tennisnut, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. tennisnut

    tennisnut New Member

    Hi there
    I seem to have been working my way downwards, health and sleepwise for the past years.

    I have resisted taking anti-depressants or sleeping pills for sleep, but things are getting very bad. My "sleep" is superfluous. I'm there (in bed) for up to 12 hours at a time, but waking up absolutely unrefreshed. And so the day is just one series of getting up and laying down.

    I have tried Magnesium and it made me feel ill, various sleep formulas (unsuccessful). I tried Melatonin (organic) for 2 days straight and had the worst insomnia of my life (explain that!!)

    So I thought "here's a trick" I'll take it in the daytime, if it's going to keep me awake, but it just made me feel ill.

    I can't go on like this. I would appreciate any help or success that other have had. I know that the same does not work for everyone, but I have more faith in the people on this site than most MD's. Cheers TN
  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I take 1/2 (5mg) antihistamine at night - it doesnt ensure that I sleep right through but it is an improvement. I dont take a whole one as the hangover feeling the next day is too much. I take cetrizine (UK).

    I have tried all sorts of meds etc to help me sleep to no avail and this is the only thing that definitely helps me.

  3. gws

    gws New Member

    good morning, for me there is no sleep, hasn't been for nearly 20 years, I take trazadone, klonopin, flexeril,celexa,neurontin, just to achive 4 continous hours of sleep, as for side effects, I have been lucky, the only time I find effects are when i miss or forget to take my meds mainly due to short term memory loss,
    I hope that you can find something to help you with sleep.
    wishing all a pain free day
  4. circle2

    circle2 New Member

    hi TN,

    couple of Qs.

    1. what dose and type of magnesium did you take, and what were the symptoms?

    2. what dose of melatonin did you take?

  5. randired

    randired New Member

    I take 5mg of flexeril about an hour before i am suppose dto get in bed. It works well for me. It took a few days, maybe a week, to get used to it. I would wake up very tired feeling but after that begining getting used to stage, i felt great and more rested. I dont drink anyting with caffine after lunchtime. no chocolate and all the sorts.

    The muscle relaxer has been the best for a sleep aid for me. you just have to make sure you give yourself a good 8 hours of sleep time.

    Good luck.
  6. tennisnut

    tennisnut New Member

    I took 1 tablet Thompsons Organic Magnesium, described as a high potency Magnesium complex (approx.1.75g each tab.)containing Magnesium Aspartate, Magnesium Orotate and Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate (main ingred.)

    The Melatonin is a homeopathic preparation containing 3mg melatonin 5 x tablet. Dosage says to take 3 tablets half an hour before bedtime, but I'm pretty sure I halved that the second night. TN
  7. circle2

    circle2 New Member

    that magnesium supplement only has 175mg magnesium in it, the rest is amino acids, and 30mg b6. interesting it produced a response in you.

    id try a 'clener' form of magnesium like 200-300mg magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate. you are more likely to know if its the magnesium thats disagreeing with you then.

    as for the melatonin thats a large dose. you may be better off with 1mg, i think thats closer to physiological levels the body produces. still im not sure why youd react with insomnia to the high dose, maybe it inhibited your internal production?

  8. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I have tried many different sleep meds and most of them do not work for me.

    I am currently taking Halcion and it seems to be working alright.
  9. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    As I understand, a small dose of Melatonin (1/4 mg to 1/3 mg) is good for sleeping, a higher dose like 3 mg can cause the opposite and produce insomnia.
  10. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    the melatonin causing insomnia is common at high doses.

    I take 300mcg (that is 1/3 of a mg).

    Works great for me. Higher doses keep me up.

    The magnesium combo was interesting and that combo would keep me up.

    B6, while needed, can make people feel ill. Also, the magnesium aspartate can be stimulating, as can any aspartate.

    I take 50 mg 5HTP, 300mcg melatonin, 600mg magnesium citrate. I sometimes also take valerian root, GABA, l-theanine, holy basil, rhodiola. All of these are calming supplements/amino acids.

  11. tennisnut

    tennisnut New Member

    to all responders. Seems everyone experiments to find help with sleep.

    I guess the things that concern me with sleeping pills are side effects - addiction? damage to liver or other organs. I just know the Dr would dismiss any such fears. Thanks again TN
  12. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I tried the low dose Melatonin last night and it was useless. I was WIDE awake all night. I guess I will give it another try with a muscle relaxer.

    I have been doing pretty good with Ambien and Ambien CR but hate the hangover I feel when I wake up. I waste half the day trying to get out of matter how early I take it.

    Keep posting ideas!

  13. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Are you able to see any of the matches leading up to the U.S. Open? I've seen a few, but now have digital TV, and it seems to do something to my brain; feels like a seizure coming on! Wonder if more will feel this as we all have to got digital? WE are the ONLY county in the world doing this!

    Anyhoo...I cannot take any antidepressants, antihistamines or melatonin. My shrink gives me 1 Halcion and 1 Xanax for the last 12 years. I sleep very well, but still sometimes get very sleepy during the afternoon, and take a 1-1/2 hr nap from 9:30-11...going right now.

    Sure, I'm "addicted" sleep!
    My shrink says I take about 1/3 what others need and not to worry about it for one minute. Said I could go off it very easily, with minimal side effects.

    Wonder if the melatonin interacts with cortisol we produce (wrongly) in the early evening (instead of in the morning!).

    Hope you find something that helps you, and enjoy the tennis!

  14. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    There are some more natural sleep aids you might try before going to the real sleep meds. I have tried the natural ones and they do work.

    One was by Dr. Teitelbaum. They may sell it on this site. It has passion flower which I heard was excellent.

    Also work on preparing your bedroom for sleep. There are tons of websites that describe how to fix up your room.

    You can always try Ambien. I have used it for a few years and it is fine. I like it better that any other sleep meds I tried.

    You might want to be checked for sleep apnea. Most people do not believe they have it until they have sleep study.

    I have a friend who had it for years and also would wake up totally unrefreshed. Once she started using the c pap machine, her life changed. She feels great now. It was also dangerous for her heart to have sleep apnea.[This Message was Edited on 07/29/2008]
  15. thecatswhiskers

    thecatswhiskers New Member

    Has worked for me. Am normally bad with anything that's supposed to make me sleep (has the opposite effect!), even with the natural valerian. A natural I have found good though is Passiflora (Passion flower) ... I take a fluid extract of it.

    Hope that helps ... sweet dreams! :eek:)

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