Sleeping pills how alert would you be if there was a fire

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. charlie21

    charlie21 New Member

    I think I do far too much thinking, but I thought last night before I took my first Zopiclone 7.5 mgs, I thought to myself how much in a deep sleep would I actually be. I don't want to scare anyone, but am just thinking, would I hear the smoke detector go off, in fact I was thinking, supposing I wet the bed, because I was so fast asleep LOL. Like I say I have been on it one night only and slept for a full 8 hours, did you think of these things before you went to bed? DO YOU HAVE A SMOKE ALARM FOR THAT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!
    Fibrohugs Charlie
  2. beeleaf

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    They beep if there's a power outage. We've lost power many times in the night. That beep wakes me up, so I feel pretty confident that I would not sleep through a fire.

  3. butterfly83

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    I think adrenaline would zap you awake. Sleeping pills only help me sleep lightly anyway so really i can wake myself up whenever. I have to FOCUS on sleeping.
  4. beachwalkerbill

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    Maybe the question is how alert would I be if I continued not to sleep nights. Amnesty International lists sleep depravation as an official form of torture.
  5. kriket

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    How fuuny that you mention this. I have often wondered the same thing myself. Sometimes big thunderstorms come through at night and I don't hear them at all. I have wondered the same thing. Scary huh?!

    This morning a really bad storm came through and it even hailed, and I never heard a thing.
    My boyfriend mentioned it to me about the bad storm that passed and I said " What storm are you talking about" LOL

  6. Goldyfm

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    Well, I let my body decide, it wants to sleep even if a short time. So I take the pills and pray.
  7. Susi-di

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    Charlie, very good subject to bring up. A fire won't necessarily wake you OR your dogs...
    We had a fire in our lower level -finished basement- where both of our sons were sleeping - the only thing that woke up my husbands son was the crackling sound of the fire, because the fire was at the entrance to his bedroom (towards the back of the basement), and thank god he opened his eyes, it was already creeping up to the ceiling right under my bedroom, and very close to my sons room in the basement. My stepson woke my son, my son ran up and woke up my Daughter (who was visiting with her two dogs) & me, and we had five dogs and a bird who heard nothing and we had all been sound asleep because it was 4:15 AM. and so we ran out of the house with the animals and it was 10 below zero outside! Although none of us were on pain meds. or sleeping pills it was still impossible for us to detect the fire. So, smoke alarms are VERY important, we learned the hard way, and everyone should have at least one fire extinguisher in their home because without that we couldn't have put out the fire and it took the fire dept. 15 minutes to get here, the house would have been almost gone by then.
    So my point is... Please use smoke alarms and have fire extinguishers in your home especially if you are taking meds. which make you sleep more deeply than normal. Besides a bit of smoke inhalation we were all okay, but the basement was a disaster, but it got fixed. The important thing is being alerted as soon as possible while it is still possible to get out without getting hurt, or dying of smoke inhalation.
    Fires spread VERY fast...keep yourselves and your families safe...
    ***Please all you people on sleep inducing meds./or with physical disabilities get smoke alarms AND fire extinguishers. I hope this will help someone out there. Sorry to be so intense, but it's traumatic to go through. Sincerely, Susi-di
  8. Susi-di

    Susi-di New Member

    Bumping, so more people are aware. susi-di
  9. I KNOW I do far too much thinking, I have even as a kid.

    Seeing how my Lunesta had NO effect, except extremely ocasionally, when taken along with my Sleep Naturally supplement: same thing with Ambien...but, with Ambien, I think it almost had an opposite effect...

    I stay up all night most nights.....what might* worry me, is the way that I DO get sleep nowadays...(and definitely worries my husband) is that, I guess I nearly have a type of *narcolepsy* now...not that I drive or that it would happen then if I DID, but, I can be sitting in bed, he'll be talking, and quit for 30secs-2min then turn to say something again, and I'm GONE.

    I only worry cuz I smoke. But, I only burned myself (THREE+ times!!!) on MSContin. I got BADLY sleep deprived on it, worse than normal, and could "blackout" (sleep) for up to 45 min at longest,

    I'm doing the same thing now, to a lesser severity, haven't fallen asleep with a cigarette yet, but have dropped em..

    I only wish that deep sleep would last longer than 15-45 minutes. I wake up at every doggone sound! Even in 'dream mode'

    My husband is sooo sweet, but, he kicks himself and apologizes over and over if he accidently wakes me in these brief naps, he knows how badly I need sleep. I don't mind I'm so used to *everything* waking me. but he really gets upset.

    We do NOT have a smoke detector...our house is a whole 754sq ft. would burn to the ground in seconds.. I know we need one. (and that the fire dept gives them out, too.)

    Glad someone mentioned being disabled--a friend of mine with MS & her sister were at home, 2nd floor, my friend is wheelchair bound...her husband fixed puters for a home job..somehow, a monitor downstairs started a fire--that burnt her entire house down. Her sister, had to hurl her out the 2nd floor window,& pray...

    They lost everything, but, had her sister not been there visiting. To alert her & help her, My friend would have died. Instead, she suffered some broken bones, & lost everything, including her wheelchair, but one was quickly donated, as well as food & clothing for her & her husband, and children. They did lose all 3 family pets..

    So, if you are severely disabled, live alone, etc...Whichever* floor you may live escape route/plan is imperative to have. Firemen will always tell you to have a backup plan as well...

    But definitely know whatever--which window you're going out, how to get pets, if possible, how to call for help immediately if you cannot* get yourself out, (someone nearby and almost always home--if possible..)

    Because, yes, unfortunately, sometimes* your home can burn down by the time police/fire get there. I'm sooo glad to be right in town, with 3 fire depts.

    Good post charlie, considerate, and, you probably get told or have been "you worry too much" I don't think so. Not in this case anyway. Good post. & ty.

    rambling on here again. Every single post I do. I'm just a walking---halfway thinking zombie.

    Laura-aka A.A.G.A.I.O.W.
  10. My mom told my PCP this once. After I'd had 2 episodes of sleep walking....when NEVER in my life, did I do these things.

    I was losing my mind, awake, and "out of it" I got up and started to take the covers down on the spare bed once, but didn't sleep there(I was truly horrified, and SWORE someone broke in, as crazy as that sounded, and made no sense, I truly was terrified, because I knew* *I* couldn't have done this, and if my husband had gotten up, I would have woke up immediately...but...alas I had to finally accept it HAD to be me.......and not a messed up Robert Downey JR stopping in for a nap! (LOL!!!)

    Second incident, I got up and turned the ceiling fan on..Even though I woke up in the middle of it...I still turned it on, and got back in bed.....then even thought "why did i just do that, it's not hot..." yet I left it on all the winter.

    That's when my mom pleaded the severity of this to my Dr, and said* "why is this OK for fibromyalgia patients (she has it too, I'm a 3rd generationer.) when it is a KNOWN way of torturing P.O.W.'s??!!"

    My dr increased Clonazepam...which I'd been on for years....and for intention tremors/anger/muscle jerking....certainly not for sleeping.

    But, then my neuro increased my anti-convulsant, and IT finally knocked me out. (at 2100mgs) unfortunately, the next blood test showed elevated liver enzymes, so that was out. Changed meds, No sleep again....

    Hubby says I haven't slept in years. I AM afraid of how quickly I can doze off, even if it's so short lived..I don't like* having no clue when I go to sleep---but--I guess that's how most people are at night. Hubby's always out in 5 min. doesn't "remember" falling asleep (should we?) and he's usually out til time to get up.

    I always said "I would give anything to fall asleep like that (cause he will in middle of conversations--his family is like that especially his dad.) BUT--now that I AM falling asleep like that...but for so short periods of time, I do not like it...not at all.

    Living like this for yrs now, has made me *never* alert. Like I'm never asleep, but never awake either. Definitely don't count on me for anything* tasking...conversation is a TASK.



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