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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mike9318, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. mike9318

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    no matter what i take nothing helps me sleep!

    i've taken sleep eaze d temazepam bromazepam elavail some other shelf products and nothing helps at all. is there anything someone can suggest so i can ask my doctor for it?
  2. Plantscaper

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    Dear Mike, You can do a search on Insomnia on this message board..which will give you various options..but the best solution for me was Zanaflex (a muscle relaxant), 4-8mg/before bedtime and I had a big problem with insomnia..however, since we have different biochemistries, you may have to keep experimenting..but try's fantastic for some..
    ALSO, once you conquer the insomnia, I would start taking calcium, too..It's actually fairly effective and a much more natural answer for insomnia.. Good Luck, AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/16/2003]
  3. bubblegum

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    I take one soma every nite before bed. I usually have to wait for it to kick in before I am actually relaxed enough to go to bed and sleep. Soma is a muscle relaxer. I have also tried flexeril but that stuff makes me feel hungover the next morning. My friend told me to take it before 5 pm to avoid the groggy feelings in the morning. I still prefer the soma. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about giving you a muscle relaxer. Good Luck