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  1. Airdipp

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    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

    I have had trouble sleeping for years, actually more trouble going to sleep. I wake up several times at night to go to the BR due to a kidney issue but can usually go back to sleep once I've originally fallen asleep.

    I was on Elavil for years and it quit working, then 300 mg of trazodone and it quit working, then Remeron and it quit working. I was without anything for about a week and was hardly sleeping at all, finally I was desperate and did soemthing I know I should not have done. My husband takes trazodone so I took 300 mg a night for three nights and it worked. I couldn't keep taking his meds so got an appointment with my doc and talked to her about not sleeping. Didn't mention the trazodone. She gave me 2 mg Lunesta. Started taking it on Thursday and it is not helping me fall asleep, I've laid awake for two hours each night.

    Does it take awhile to begin working? the commercials seem to indicate otherwise!

    Also has anyone gone off trazodone and then back on? Did it work and for how long?


  2. sleepyinlalaland

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    but I do have a comment that may be helpful.

    I can't take Trazadone because for me, the side-effect is complete zombiedom. But many people DO have find it to be a very helpful sleep aid, and I would say that if it really helped YOU, then it would be a better choice than Lunesta, and MUCH less expensive.

    In fact, Eleval (sp?) and trazadone are two of the most common drugs doctors will initially try to put you on for fibro complaints. If it works, that's great and I think you'd be reasonable to request this specifically of your doctor. Lunesta is probably being promoted right now because it is new.
  3. musik

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    Have you thought of trying something different than sleeping pills? I have had sleep disorder for many years, sometimes have a good sleep (not often) and mostly wake up at all hours of the night and can never get back to sleep until before the alarm goes off.

    I ended up buying a copy of Paul McKenna's hypnotherapy CD called 'Sleep like a log', its out of print but you can usually find some on ebay (also try the UK ebay).

    I find it works 8/10 nights which is a heck of a lot better than 1/10 nights which I used to have.

    Wearing earplugs also helped a lot to elimate any noises that can wake you up without you realising it.

    Good luck!! :)
  4. Kayleen

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    After wondering around the house all night long for at least two years my doctor finally put me on a natural hormone from a compounding pharmacy. I suppose you would have to be at least perimenopausal. It took about two weeks and finally I was getting sleep. I went off of it for awhile and discovered that's what was doing the trick for me so I will be on it forever. Regular HRT isn't the same. Good luck. I know if you can get sleep you will feel at least a little bit better.
  5. dleaning

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    Tylenol PM or I take Simply Sleep which is made by Tylenol. That might work for you (I hope!)!

    Didn't like Trazadone, and I am now taking Zanaflex which helps with sleep too. Ambien worked for me years ago, but I hear stories about that making you do things you don't remember doing! (not everyone, just some people!)

    Good luck, hope you find something that works for you!