Sleeping too much; Doc says its probably not FM????

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    Hello, The doctor that diagnosed me with FM over a year ago lives a couple of hours away, so when I had a sinus infection last week, I just went to this walk-in clinic down the street. The problem came up when the doc asked me if I was taking any other med's to which I said "Paxil" and he goes into this long speech about not needing to rely on anti-depressants, blah, blah, blah...I went on to explain that I had FM and it really seemed to help me (with anxiety/panic attacks). So this doc asked me what type of symptoms I had with the FM....I went down the long list, but when I said I was tired all the time and could sleep all day and night and still felt exhausted, he told me there was NO Way I could have FM because people with FM could not sleep well or all the time (due to pain). He went on to explain that it sounded like an autoimmune disease/disorder even though I have been tested for everything. There is not a doubt in my mind that I have FM because everything I have read in books, via the net, as well as posts from all of you indicates that I do indeed have FM. My pain is much milder than some of the ones I've read on here...but none the's pain. I have been a tired person all my life..even as a child and have always slept a lot when I'm not working. What do you guys think...could I have been misdiagnosed or is this other doctor uninformed?? Thanks!

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    How long has it been since your last visit to the doctor that diagnosed the FM. It could be possible that you have overlapping disorder possibly FMS/CF disorers. You stated you have pain. Are you able to identify the "tender" spots that are indicated as part of the diagnostic criteria for FM? Perhaps setting up another appointment with your physician that diagnosed you with FM is in order especially because you are still having alot of symptoms. LOL

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    The last time I went to my original doc (one who diagnosed me with FM) was a little less than a year ago. I have the tender points in between my shoulder blades and on both shoulders/neck. I haven't had any symptoms for about 6-7 mos now, other than being tired and that's not nearly as bad as it was during my flare-up. I still have a little bit of a problem with my left feels like its always in a knot. I am unsure of how much pressure you have to put on these tender points, but according to a chart I saw that shows all of them, I do hurt somewhat right above my buttocks when I press it there. The only thing that doctor pressed on me was my back and shoulders because at that time, that is what was hurting me the most. I often have wondered if it is CFS because like I said, I have been tired my entire life. I am going to see this doctor next week so I am going to ask him too. Thanks!
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    If you get post excertional fatigue that is a strong indicator.

    Tiredness and sleeping a lot can be due to allergies too, might be worth checking the possiblity of that or even candida. Have your thyroid function checked out too. These three problems are treatable.

    Good luck

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    I, too, have gone through many periods of time
    (six plus months) where I could sleep all day and
    all night. Utter exhaustion. Then times where
    I had so much pain I was up all night and couldn't
    sleep except for one hour. I am always exhausted
    no matter how much sleep I get. It has no relation
    to how I feel whatsoever.

    I do have allergies and take meds for that.
    One of them I stopped because it made me too
    tired. It was Zyrtec. Now I take Rhinocort AQ
    nasal spray. I need another antihistamine though.

    I do suspect that I have candidas as well.

    Many people here seem to have more pain than I do.
    However, I DO have pain. It also seems to matter
    what I do. When I do nothing, I can be pretty
    pain free. However, if I do something, like
    go out for one or two hours, I am in pain.

    I have the tender points, etc.
    WHen I went to another dr. I asked him about CFS
    and he told me that I did have it. No tests or anything.
    Just from my description of how I feel day in and day
    out every day of the year.

    I hope this helps you somewhat.
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    I wouldn't pay any attention to the doctor down the street regarding Fibromyalgia. I sleep poorly at night, keep waking up, and then sleep hours and hours at a time. Our bodies are trying to make up for the poor sleep quality.

    He had no business making a recommendation about Paxil to you. If I had followed that advice, I would be in deep trouble. In the end, we try things, and then we have to be the best judge of what helps and what doesn't.

    Stick with the dr. who diagnosed you.
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    Thanks well as the rest of you for the input. I am going back to the one doc. who diagnosed me and will bring up some of these points.
    Cheers, stacey