Sleeping too much!

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    I have been in treatment for depression for 9 months now. Before that, I hadn't had a job and was unable to take care of myself for a few years and just wished I would die.

    A few months ago I got a really good job. Well, it lasted about 3 months and I got fired.

    It seems that all my life I have very quickly lost interest in things and I just fall asleep from boredom. I actually get tired from being bored and not much interests me.

    I lost my job because I just didn't go. I would stay in bed and complain that I wasn't getting enough sleep even though I would get the 8 or 9 hours needed. I would call in sick and sleep for another 4 hours.

    This has been going on all my life! I have never kept a job for more than 6 months it seems.

    My Dr. doesn't seem to know what it is.

    Are these just signs of depression? Or is there something else involved?

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    I have read on this before and you have a sleeping disorder and it not your falt.
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    You say you have discussed this with your Dr. but you don't say if you have sought counseling beyond his traditional therapy. Key operative phrase in your description is "I get bored". There is so much more to know. Getting bored is different from being depressed. What kind of jobs have you had? Secretarial? Did you sleep in because you were physically tired or just tired of the job? Or were you tired of the responsibility of the job? How many medications have you tried to alleviate your symptoms of depression? If one drug hasn't worked you can try another. Clinical depression is totally immobilizing. You will have trouble overcoming it without effective medication. On the other hand, perhaps you haven't found a job that motivates you to perform. You say the job was a great job. In terms of money, or excitement?
    There are many symptoms of depression but you need to see a specialist as opposed to a family Dr. for proper diagnosis and therapy. You say you have been in therapy for 9 months but then say you Dr. doesn't seem to know what the problem is. I'm not convinced that you know either. Seek more opinions.