Sleeping with Rib Pain???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladyfishme, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. ladyfishme

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    How do you sleep with Rib pain all around??? I'm so sore I can't stand to have anything touch me. Someday a bra and a shirt is more than I can stand. But to lay in bed!!!!
    Anyone have any ideas????
    Need Sleep!!!!

  2. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    Hi: I would love to know what your user name means :) far as the rib pain I get it a lot because I have besides FMS/CFIDS/IBD/CEBV ...Asthma..when it goes all around like that in a tight band with pressure and pain it's usually Costochondritis, which is the inflammation of the lining of your ribs.

    I am just geting over this but usually when I get this I also get Bronchitis which I have now, the rib pain is gone but all the stuff that goes along with Bronchitis I have.

    The Pulmonologist they sent me to gave me a new drug it was a quininlone (sp) in the same family as levaquin, talk about bringing out the big guns,,I only took this for 3days 1 at bed and I'm pretty much better and that has never happened before usually it hangs around for a while.

    But this med really knocked me for a loop, it's called Avelox it made me dizzy as heck but boy it really worked. I would def go to my PCP and make sure you don't have Pneumonia or Bronchits which I have had both with this pain also I've just had the pain by itself with no other complications. It's tough to get comfy, heat is your best friend right now, moist if you have a hydroculator pad just put it all around you, bolster yourself up with pillows, drink plenty of fluids and rest,rest,rest :)..

    I hope this helps a little, I know it's long but that's me once I get going.

    take good care,

  3. WoodstocksMusic

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    I imagine this is very close to the pain I delt with when I had rotator cuff hurt like heck to sleep on back....sleeping on stomach was impossible.... laying on side was the best until I fell asleep and my shoulder muscles would become limp and start to slump down and the movement would kill me.

    I found that I could manage to get a couple hours of sleep at a time by taking a pillow folding it in half and hugging it to mu chest,letting the pillow prop my shoulder up and take the place of the relaxed muscles that were doing the work until they fell asleep. Moving was a painful no no for the first 3 weeks after surgery. I still to this day sleep with 5 pillows.... 2 under my head, one on each side so I can shift from one side to the other without having to wrestle the pillow under the covers to the other I just turn over and grab the other pillow...then there is the pillow I keep below my knees for when I am on my goes between my knees when I am on my sides. My husband barely has room anymore....but I have caught him hugging the pillow on his side occasionally and I have to fight for MY property in the middle of the night!

    Well, I know this is not rib pain but perhaps my pillow support solution will give you an idea that can help you get through the night a little more comfortably.

    ***Sleeping with that kind of pain is probably best done under heavy sedation!

    Good luck.

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