Sleepless and Jobless in Nh #2

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    I'm updating my previous message I live in Nh and I was diagnosed with Fibromylgia about 2 months ago I don't sleep hardly at all.I've tried trazadone and Tylenol Pm they make me vomit instead of slleep.I was on Amitriptiline and it worked good but I gained wait I have Ambien but Doctor told me to use only occasionaly as it's habit forming.I have Derpression really bad I've tried Prozac,wellbutrin and Effexor nothing works I cry all the time.I quit my job Friday as my boss treated me bad.I seem to be edgy all the time how does anyone go to work? I can't afford not to work.I heard I only can get SSI and Disability if I don't work for 2 years That's crazy I have kids to take care of.Any one have any advice I'm getting desperate.I have to look for work tomorrow.I just want to sleep!!!!Annette
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    Hi just want to say i am sorry you are having a bad time right now. i dont know if you have some sort of department of social services but they might be able to help you. thats strange that you have to wait 2 years for disability here we dont have any wait time except the 4 to 6 months it takes to get a decision. all we need is a doctor saying that you are disabled. i know what you are going thru i have 3 kids myself and a husband he works full time and just this past week i started a full time job and i am praying i can work it. i will keep you in my prayers kris
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    You sound so desparate and so very tired!! I'm diagnosed with cfids...and for the first time a doctor listened to me. Depression seems to go with fms and cfs(cfids). We all suffer from it, and we all sometime or another just want to give up. But don't. You said you have kids, and THEY will be needing you forever.

    My doctor has me on 2 meds that I have never heard of . One is an old med, and the other a new one. Vivactil is for depression, and it helps to give you a boost. (vivactil is the old med). Then he prescribed Strattera, which is a new drug used to treat ADD/ADHD, cfs and fms. Supposed to help keep you going...another little boost, that is NOT a stimulant.

    If your doctor isn't listening to you, find another one. There is help out there. Keep your chin up.

    God Bless you and lead you to the help you so desparately need.

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    hi annette

    i could not sleep and had severe agitation at night.

    the doc gave me gaba which you can get at health food store

    it helped some but the best help was when she got my hormones back under control with dhea, progesterone etc. that was 6 months all i take is 1 tylonel pm to sleep. the gaba is for help with mood should help with the crying and nervousness. try not to go the prozac is bad for brain chemicals....which are probably depleted serotonin....but that takes a test by the doctor and then they treat with amino acids, etc....

    oh, i still have all the rest of the symptoms, muscle pain, tinnitus, hurting feet and tingly stingy arms, but at least i can sleep now....

    take care,
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    is just plain wrong. You have to have not been able to work for 6 months, and for SSDI (unsure about SSI) you have to anticipate you won't be able to work for a year, or something like that. LTD (long-term disability) claims for private insurance also don't kick in for 6 months. STD (short-term dis.) usually don't kick in for 1-3 months, and last to the 6-month mark.

    If someone at the disability company told you that (like a sales rep), call their claims office. If someone at SS told you that I don't know what to suggest, except maybe go to their website.