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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Leadfoot, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Leadfoot

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    I suffer from both MCS and Fibromyalgia. Have been prescribed Lorazepam for past 9 months for sleep.Sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't. Would like to find safe alternative from anyone who has successfully withdrawn from Ativan/Lorazepam or other sleep meds.
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    I've been on Lorazepam, too. But I talked to someone who said Trozadone(sp?) is different in a couple of ways. 1 - Lorazepam is in the valium family and 2 can be addictive. (It also just PUTS you to sleep.) Trozadone, however (I don't know what family it is in..), is not addictive and is meant to KEEP you asleep, something I have always had trouble with. Since researching these past weeks and thinking I have FM, which causes night cramps and sleeplessness, I'm hoping this will help in a different way. I'll post when I've used it for a while.
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    I've had insomnia for many years, and in the 80's found that Tryptophane worked great. Then when it was taken off of the market, I had to resort to drugs, as nothing else natural helped.

    Just went to a new Dr. who wrote an RX for tryptophane. Can be filled at compounding pharmacies. I was thrilled, and am hoping it'll help me release one of my present sleep drugs.

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    i have tried everything and nothing seems to work except taking ambien 10mg tablets. this was the first time i had slept all night in three years. so,you might want to give this a try. now -- i am a little more rested.
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    Try melatonin.
    Sometimes the problem is just not getting enough exercise to get tired.
    There's probably 1001 reasons for not being able to get to sleep, and I think I have experienced all of them, as well as most of the sleep helpers. (Except sleeping pills) I do some of my best thinking after I go to bed and sleep seems to be a waste of time, until the morning comes............

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    I think I have tried just about everything there is for sleep over the past few years. Trazodone didn't work for me because it affected my coordination which I found to be quite scary. The thing that works best for me is Amitriptylin. It helps me sleep AND it decreases my muscle pain.
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    I tried trazadone once as well as another (can't think of name) which required must be able to get at least 7 hrs of sleep. However, I felt this was not for me as I always had to get up couple times to go to bathroom. My FM doc just recently renewed my script for lorazapam and said could take 1-1/2 to 2 per night and I found 1-1/2 does work. If I don't take something I can sometimes get to sleep but wake up 2 hrs later and then can't sleep rest of night so decided to just stay on Lorazapam. Have you ever tried melatonin?
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    I tried Ambien once and unfortunately didn't like idea of having to make sure I could allow for 7 hrs sleep. It did work beautifully. Because I retain fluid (not so much now that I am on water pills) I have to get up once or twice a night so decided not to take it any more. Besides I felt drugged for most of next morning. Also tried trazadone, but it made my head feel funny. So decided to stay on Lorazapam and take from 1 to 1-1/2 per night. What a life! All because of FM. Never did try melatonin. I used to switch between Lorazapam and otc sleep aid containing antihistamine but doc said better results just keeping to lorazapam.
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    Thanks for info. I never heard of Amitriptylin. What is it? Is it a prescription or OTC item and if so where can it be purchased. I find Lorazepam least troublesome than Ambien or Trazadone and don't like taking heavy-duty prescriptions. Doc says as long as I don't take it during day as well as night it won't be addictive, but not sure I believe him.