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    I am a former jazz bassplayer and genetically all my family
    suffers from arthritis. Used to race on skis and as a result
    have both knees already replaced, thanks to wonderful technology, so I am walking, running and even cross country skiing.
    But lately I have started to experience numbness in my left
    hand (first), after driving longer distance. Now the numbness
    is in both hands, together with tingling, pins and needles
    and last few night I had to get up and move my arms to get
    a rid of severe pain in my both hands.
    My 96 years old father in Czechoslovakia just told me, that whole family went thru the same thing and my sister even had
    a carpal operation. But he claims, that it is a poor blood circulation and has a drops called "SECATOXIN FORTE", which after some time stopped all the symptoms. Do we have any medication compatible in US, because web site has a large number of articles about this drug, but all seems to be in Europe.(Czech republic.)
    Had several opinions: after effect from old whiplash, pinched
    nerve,etc., but my dad is adamant, that it is a blood circulation. (Experienced by 3 members of my family.)
    THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP! Still need to play my bass, but
    sleepless nights, being awake from excruciating pain, are
    little too much, even compared to my both total knee replacement surgeries and also having hard time getting off
    Anyone with similar problems? Are there any medications on
    US market?
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    Hi, I am a working singer and I also play piano. I have pain in my right hand but I refuse to go on meds since I don't need all of the side effects. I think it's a cause for concern when so many of us are exposed to all of those ads on tv for prescription drugs like Celebrex and Vioxx. The lethal cocktail of Celebrex and then Vioxx, prescribed by my mother-in-law's ,then, doctor, caused serious internal bleeding, landing her in the hospital for a week. Beware of those ads. Have you heard of cetyl myristoleate. Henry W. Diehl received 2 patents on cetyl myristoleate. The first in 1977 for the treatment of rhemeutoid arthritis and the second in 1996 for treatment of osteoarthritis. It was published in the March 1994 issue of the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. I also have problems with my knees and ankles but I have been painfree since I've been using this. 98% of the people who take cetyl myristoleate notice an improvement. If you want more info email me at Oh by the way, my 80 mother-in-law is taking it and what a difference.It's safe and it really works!
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