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    I was wondering how your daughter is doing. So hard to ignore a tooth problem.
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    for your concern, gnanny.

    Well......she is MUCH better! And that's the confounding thing about all this stuff. It never turns out to be anything REAL, just enough to always keep you worried that it is. If she ever has appendicitis, she'll probably ignore it, because she's been to the ER a couple of times now with pains that woke her up in the wee hours and we were sure it was serious.

    Once, in her teens I heard her in bathroom crying...she was trying to pee and couldn't. It was at that point that she told me she hadn't been able to really pee for 5 days (!!!!!!!) Yes, then she complained of a really severe pain in her mid-back. Kidneys, right? After several hours in the E.R. (again at wee hours), it turned out to guessed it, NOTHING. Last year she was having her pelvic exam, and the doctor registered startled concern; she had huge swellings in glands (groin area) and doctor was not hiding her concern. Insisted she see a cancer specialist right away. So, we put out money (that we didn't have) and next day at her appointment...probably, you've guessed it again. NOTHING. Swelling all gone.

    All I can think is...we get small infections in those areas, and the body way overreacts because of immune disfunction.

    Good news: nothing (recognizable) is wrong. BAD news: it (or something else) will happen again, and the possibility is that something truly threatening could be over-looked.

    By-the-way, I know she's got classic case of CFIDS. Almost daily migraines (since childhood), IBS, unrefresing sleep, yada yada. Yes, it breaks a mother's heart. Especially a single one trying to keep herself afloat.

    Again, THANK YOU for your kind words, I appreciate it.
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    her teeth still do hurt. She hasn't been able to chew on one side since she cavities filled a few months ago. So, I assume the teeth problem triggered it. Also, she did follow my advice about taking 3 extra-strength Tylenol, which I understand is the prescription strength...and I believe that is how she got the inflamation to subside.
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    I am glad she didnt have to suffer through an abcess!
    What a mystery. I hope she has smooth sailing now.