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    Though I am counting on getting SS disability... I am curious about work at home opportunities that aren't a scam. I answered an ad once that I thought would be reputable, but they just got $30 from me and I got a bunch of paperwork telling me how to start a chain letter business.
    So, what do you do? Is it something I could look into?
    Now, that a split with my spouse is imminent...I need to be prepared.
  2. SleepyMama

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    I started my business in December (amid the expenses of xmas!) so it's a very low cost start-up and it's really fun. The company I work for produces household cleaners, personal care products, high-potency vitamins and cosmetics which are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly. My job is to tell people about them, which I'd be doing anyways, just because I really like them. Every time I walk away from cleaning a mess without gagging on the fumes of the cleaner, I feel like I'm walking away from the spa! That's nothing compared to the bath products! I'm enjoying scented bath products for the first time since I was about 13! I've been allergic to everything out there, often mysteriously even unscented, seemingly mild products. I'm so happy with my business and I'm so happy being a customer with the company!
    Yes, it is certainly something you could try. While it would benefit me if you found the company through me, that's not really why I'm here. The company's name is Melaleuca and you can look it up yourself if you choose. If you choose to ask me for more information (which I'm happy to share) [email address removed as per rules]

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    Thanks Sleepy mama. I'll check it out. I am not a good sales person, but I'll look at it.
    I'm better at stuffing envelopes, bulk mailing, administartive, word processing, etc.
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    Read under *agents* Its a work at home job you can put in as many or as little hours as you would like without paying any fees to get started.

    You answer calls and take orders for products.
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    If you have some money stashed away you might want to check into playing the stock market from home. Not much, but enough to boost the family income.

    They have seminars out there that are usually free.

    I only believe half of what they say and then go to the next free one.

    I mean, that is how I got started.

    I do fairly well and it helps with those bills.

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    is that you don't have to be a salesperson at all. There's no selling products, no taking orders, no pressuring people about anything. All you do is start with telling those you know. You ask them to sit down with you and talk about it, so they can hear what the company has to offer. Once people have all the information, they're usually more than happy to try it out. Everything from the company comes with a money back guarantee. Once they agree to try it out, you're basically done. They do their ordering directly from the company. No taking orders, no delivering products. You don't get a massive commission on each person who signs up, what you do get is a percentage of their monthly order as long as they are shopping with the company. This equates to residual income, which is what makes this more reliable and steady than something where you have home parties and have to take "one time orders" and deliver peoples purchases to them.
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    ... although I haven't started doing anything yet.

    I would strongly advise against trying anything that makes you invest money in the product first, especially if you're uncomfortable with selling. You could end up being out several hundred dollars with nothing to show for it. Also, while I applaud nyrofan's success, for most people playing the stock market is quite a gamble. Even experienced investors who do nothing but research the market lose money all the time. If you want to make a long-term investment, then you could try investing in an index fund. These mutual funds invest in a group of stocks designed to follow the market. It's less gain, but also less risky.

    There is a website for work-at-home moms that has various opportunities ... try googling it and check out the forums.

    Have you looked into LiveOps? (I've also heard good things about West, which another commenter recommended.) Medical transcription? Regular transcription? Writing website content? There used to be a time when you could make money playing online blackjack and winning the free bonuses, but because of changes to the law, that's not possible any more.

    Good luck, and I'm terribly sorry about this situation with your husband. Glad you're talking with a lawyer and getting your situation in order ... I'd also try to use your credit card, etc., to withdraw as much cash as possible before he further removes any access to your finances.

    HUGE hug,
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    That's an other thing I like about my business. I never have to buy more product than I want to use/try out myself. I don't carry a stock and rarely distribute products through my membership to anyone. It's also all stuff I'd be buying anyways. Laundry soap, vitamins, toothpaste, bodywash, soap, lotion, dishsoap (I've had one $5.00cad bottle last me since mid December!), etc..
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    medical coding. I'll post when I get some info.