slept with cpap ...still exhausted...need advise

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lastormer, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. lastormer

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    Well, last night I had my fitting for my cpap mask and pressure that the machine should be set to. Within the first hour they had my pressure set correct the tech said and that I did not snore the entire night and I did very well with the nose and mouth mask since I am a mouth breather. Well I was suprised that I slept all night long...when the tech awokened me.. I was like..omg it's morning..with that I was anxious to get home, hoping I would be full of energy with getting a fell nights sleep...NOT!!!!! I was sooooo tired when I got home , it was as though I were up all night...matter of fact I am just getting up now from a 2 hour nap ....grrrrrrr
    Anyone else go through this? Does it just take time sleeping with the machine before you get any results?

    Have a Great Day
  2. TerryS

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    Hi Rachael! I just started using a CPAP first part of January. My rheumy told me that it could take up to a couple of months before you can tell a real difference because you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

    I don't know what to think about this. I haven't seen any difference yet. But I have positive Epstein Barr and I personally think that that's what's causing my fatigue. I also have positive anti-mitochondrial antibodies (the mitochondria is where your cells get their energy). So, who knows why I'm so tired!!!

    Well, hang in there. Maybe you'll feel more energetic in a few weeks. If not, then there's obviously other things going on.

    Hope this helped a little.
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    I love my cpap, but I'm still exhausted. I also take lyrica to help me get deep sleep. Still exhausted. Don't know what the answer is I'm still looking. I'm a mouth breather too and have the nasal pillows- which to me are better than the over nose mask (my mouth is closed all night which was really wierd at first). At least I get some sleep now-I was only getting at best 2 hours. That was 4 mo. ago. I was about to go insane from sleep deprivation! So If that's your problem -I do recommend the sleep docs and getting on deep sleep meds.
  4. TerryS

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    If you are a mouth breather (as I am, also), you can get a chin strap that will keep your mouth closed. It's very comfortable (and cheap). Keeps my mouth close and therefore it doesn't get dried out. I use nasal pillows, also. I use the Respironics ComfortLite2 mask. (My hubby actually works for Respironics!!!).

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    It might be you had two problems and the CPAP took care of one.

    Many with CFS/FM have alpha wave intrusion sleep disorder. For us it means our central nervous system is revved up too high for the brain to go into deep wave sleep long enough. Not many doctors catch that unless they're looking for it.

    If you wake up unrefreshed, and the apnea is taken care of, hopefully your doctor will respond to requests to look for it.

    The best sleep aid for this is xyrem. It works differently from any other sleep aid, because it's a central nervous system depressant, and therefore helps the central nervous system go slow enough for the deep wave sleep that we desperately need to heal.

    Some do get deep sleep from other meds, but if all else fails, xyrem is worth looking into.
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    It takes awhile because we have such a huge sleep deficit.

    I've been on one for 3 years and after the initial struggle to find a mask I could tolerate, I've done well.

    I'm still tired though. I attribute this to the FM syndrome. But...I am not so sleep deprived that I can't function anymore. Don't fall asleep driving anymore, which was a big improvement and safer those other people on the road!
  7. lastormer

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    What pressure is your Cpap machine set on? My pressure will be at 17. Just wondering how this compared.
    the tech called me today and said they ordered my machine and that the company will be contacting me about it and then will come to my home to set it up.
  8. tngirl

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    setting depends on the amount of force needed to keep your airway open. Mine is set at 10.

    Weight change can make you need an adjustment of pressure. If you start snoring again with the cpap on, it needs adjusting. Or if you are waking up with a headache every time you sleep.

    Does your cpap have a humidifier? If not you may have to get one if your mouth and nose dries out to much. I've had what they call the "pass over" humidifier that is not heated. I'm getting a new cpap that has a built in heated humidifier.

  9. Juloo

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    ...that, barring other sleep problems, you'll have to stick with it longer than one night to see relief.

    It took my husband about a month until he was comfortable enough with the whole set-up to get through the night and start making progress relieving his sleep deficit. BUT, it only takes one night without these days to see signs that he's had sub-standard sleep.

    I'm really proud of DH -- he's stuck with his CPAP for at least 6 years. I have one now as well. It took me about 2 1/2 weeks before I woke up with the mask still on my face...and I might just need one of those chin straps as well!