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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Beadlady, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Beadlady

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    I'm looking for some recipes that you like for slice & bake cookies. My husband really likes me to bake cookies but he always seems to ask when I'm too tired to drag out all the mess.
  2. mysticbrit

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    Great post for this time of year.

    Like you I have some days that are better than others. I liked the idea of making up the dough and sticking it in the freezer or fridge, to wait until another "good" day arrives.

    I did a general internet search by typing in: slice and bake cookies and got page after page of great suggestions. One of the ones I searched further was the Land O Lakes site, YUMMY ideas.

    I put a few sites into my 'favorites' to refer back to when I get one of those illusive "good" days.

    Happy baking.


    BTW - Once you've made the dough and put it away for a better day why not show it to your hubby and suggest he crank up the oven and start slicing. I read your post to my hubby and he said, "Sure, I could do that, what do I do"? I had to laugh. This man has a master's degree and was intiminated by the thought of slicing some cookie dough. Still love him though - LOL
  3. FibroFay

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    I don't have any special recipes. Just wanted to say I buy the Pillsbury slice and bake cookie dough and often pop them in the oven just before the grandkids get here. When they arrive, there's a sheet of fresh warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for them. And the house smells wonderful! The grandkids just love it!

  4. victoria

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    I wish there were such a thing as "slice & bake pie" sometimes. Wonder if you could do it with brownie dough? As it is, tho, I'm sad I can't find premade pie crust here, I hate making it! Altho a crumble topping wouldn't be bad, and with no bottom crust = fewer calories at least.

    This may sound like I do bake? Nope, haven't baked since.... maybe Christmas '07!

    But we have some apples sitting here right now ... gotta do something fun with 'em before they rot since we don't seem to be eating them out of hand!

    That's too funny about the husband with the master's not understanding what to do...

    good luck!

  5. lgp

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    I have a great recipe for slice and bake cookies that I used to make for years when my kids were small.

    I always used chocolate chip slice and bake, but there are more flavors now, I am sure you can use them. I would cut thick slices, and then turning a mufiin pan upside down, I would spray the bottoms of a muffin tray. I would place a slice of cookie on each one and bake in the oven. The dough would melt down and bake around the muffin cup, and bake into uniform perfect chocolate chip bowls for ice cream. The kids loved eating the bowls after eating their ice cream. Oh, and the adults loved them too!!

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    what a cool idea Laura!

    Wish I'd known about it when my kids were little...