Slight nausea all the time

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greeneyes24, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. greeneyes24

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    Does anyone else have that? It's not too bad, I don't have to take anything for it, but it's annoying. Even when I feel hungry I feel hungry through the nausea. I can eat ok and eating seems to make no difference to it. Sometimes it would go away at night or for few hours during the day but it's almost always there. I wish I knew what's causing it. Is it just a part of CFS? I also have a small ovarian cyst and am on progesteron pills for endometriosis so could that be the cause??
  2. trasestry

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    Greeneyes, your nausea can be related to the progesterone pills. I, too, had endo for 13 years. Did every treatment, both pharmaceutical and herbal, that I knew of. I had to stop the hormones. It made the cysts on my ovaries worse; they ruptured more frequently, I had headaches, and nausea. I had a hyster. in Jan of this year. Since then, I have experienced more nausea then I ever remember before, and I was just recently dx with the dd. I figure the FM started in full force about 2 years ago...and I wasnt on anything for the endo at that time.
    God bless you, I know what the endo can do to you. And now to have FM with it....your in my prayers.
  3. ssMarilyn

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    I have it most of the time too. This started within the last year. It comes and goes, but I have it MORE than I don't. I don't know if it's from the perimenopause I'm in, or from my thyroid acting up....which we are working on. Nausea goes with both conditions. It really bites, doesn't it?
    My mother-in-law had this problem for years and it turned out to be a gall bladder problem. She eventually had to have surgery...then the nausea disappeared.

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  4. atrinigyal29

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    Yes, I get that too, but not as often as you, maybe two or three times a week, and it occurs in the evening and lasts about a couple of hours or so. I have FM, and I think it's related to that and not to any meds I'm taking, which are only Flexeril (muscle relaxant) and guaifenesin. Funny enough, eating pineapple helps to relieve my nausea somewhat.
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  5. jofla

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    I get nauseated too, I usually eat a piece of bread or two to help it pass. All part of fms I guess. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. NewEnglander

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    I had a real bad nausea problem then I had a b-12 shot and it got better and now I take the b-12 that go under the tongue and the nausea is almost non existing. I don't know why, I don't think that b-12 is suppose to help nausea, but for what ever reason it helps me. plus my new thing is lots and lots of vitamin c
    good luck and hope this helps