Slight Seizure?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mamashome, Sep 5, 2003.

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    I have had these off and on for about a year now, i had one dr. in the ER who thougt maybe it was a TA or a slight seizure. The neurologist couldn't find anything except one white matter that they said wasnt anything thing. I have brain numbness, burning of the brain, but what i am having and have had for the last couple of days feels like i have been hit upside the head with a ball bat with no pain, just pressure and i am off balanced and disoriented. I am also going numb on and off in my feet and arms also.

    Does anyone else experience this feeling? thanks and have a wonderful weekend. mama
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    Hi mamashome,
    It is so annoying when we have our brain feeling sick not to mention scary. I have a spot the size of a silver dollar in my right temple area that has been chronically problematic for at least two years. I get a headache feeling there and then it burns and then it gets numb. I have found if I eat certain foods I am sensitive to it gets worse so I avoid a lot of foods.

    During my period it flares up usually too. I had a MRI of my brain and there was no sign of any trouble so the neurologist told me that it was due to being perimenopausal. Seems like doctors use that for everything that goes wrong that they don't have an answer for it. LOL. Maybe it is hormonal, I don't know. He indicated it was a new pattern migraine.

    Maybe you can have migraines without pain and just pressure. When the pressure is at its greatest I can't think straight and also have to a small degree balance trouble & disorientation too. It isn't so bad that I can't carry on with life but it makes me feel odd at times. Sometimes I have numbness and tingling in my fingers. It is vaguely similar to your troubles but not exactly the same.

    I just figured it has to do with having CFIDS/FM symptoms. Maybe someone will read this post and give us more enlightment. My GP & neurologist both had little help for me and just sloughed it off as if it had not significance. Just like they do all my other symptoms. What a waste of time & money they have been for me!

    Well, anyway... just wanted to let you know I know how frusterating it is and I hope you will find an answer to your troubles. You have a wonderful weekend too.

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    they had mention it could be a type of migraine, but wasnt forsure. I did so happen to 3 o 4 mirgraines this summer for the first time ever. NEVER have i had really headache problems, i was hallucinating (wrong spelling i know, to tired to look up), my hearing was sensitive, and i had to have everything black and i was sick to my stomach, that was awful. Anyways what i am experiencing now, as they said last year they thought could be a type of one, i really don't know if they know what they are talking about half the time. Thank you for the info though, i sorry you experience this also, but glad on the other hand i am not the only one. mama
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    so called "silent migraines". The migraine and its varying symptoms, but without the pain part. Can have pressure,off balance, numbness, dizzyness,visual problems, etc, all without the pain part. I have a friend who has this. (I've got the whole enchilada, with pain). However, these symptoms go with a lot of illnesses, so we need the darn doctors to help sort it out.