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    I have missed about 3-4 days of work since I moved in the last month. Terrible, terrible fatigue - so bad I have to use every ounce of energy just to get up and go to the bathroom (Of note, I work at home).

    Tonight is no different. I'm afraid to take off work!

    I can feel everyday it is worse and worse - and I can find myself on a "slippery slope" that if I dont take a significant amount of time off soon to rest - I will need a GIANT CHUNK of time off.
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    I can so relate to your problem. In hindsight I wish I had applied for disability sooner. I was sicker than I realized and it was effecting my work which was very intense, had to be on the ball and quick on my feet. I am sure you can relate to having to do this under extreme exhaustion. What kind of work do you do?

    Have you had a complete physical to rule out other things or contributing factors? Some important things are thyroid,liver and sugar levels as well as ferritin, Vitamin B12, vitamin D as it can be lowered with chronic pain and/or lack of sunshine. There's a thread here on other diagnosis to consider or may be related to FM/CFS/ME. However, you may need to do some research to see what is accurate information. I am sure others can chime in on other tests but make sure you check with your doctor about these things.

    I mention the ferritin level as this is related to RLS which I also have. My CBC count is normal but still need to be treated with iron. I had low B12 levels for a while and received weekly injections. My B12 reading is normal but did not notice that much of an improvement. My Vitamin D levels have always been normal.

    Do you have CFS/ME, Fibro, or both? Do you have any other health or situational issues like the move, possibly overworking that may not be helping.

    What medications/supplements are you on?

    I recently have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea You probably know how important sleep is for us. I also have RLS which only periodically becomes a problem but seems to be mostly under control with clonazepam as well as little Stage3/4 sleep. I have had a problem with sleep just about my whole life. Getting these under control has helped but I have not seen the improvement I saw the first week with the CPAP, as I am going through a period of adjusting pressure, possible mask change, etc.

    How did your DD start? Mine started with a broken arm. I had not had any symptoms of pain before that but did have the sleep issues.

    I also take Nuvigil which I have found works better than Provigil to stay awake during the day. I have not been taking it lately since starting the CPAP. I always hesitate to take it but it really does help me. Not a boost of energy per se but makes me feel closer to normal for six hours.I take a half dose as a higher dose does not bring about the expected improvement.

    Take care and hope you get some answers or help for your symptoms.


    ETA What type of doctor do you see and is he/she knowledgeable about your DD. Are you comfortable with how your doctor is handling your health problems?

    ETAA I just saw your other post so I have probably asked some questions that you answered there. I am too tired to go back and edit.

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    How are you doing?
    -have you been able to talk to your doctor... assuming s/he is a 'good doctor'?
    Hope you find something that helps.