Sloppy med. office staff??

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    I had an appointemnt with a Rheumatologist in Seattle that my MD referred me to. To get there- a 5 hour drive- I sought assistance to get there since me and my 2 children live on a little more than $400.00/mo.

    The office that provide the assistance sent documents to my docs office 10 days ahead of time.They never got a reply, which resulted in no trip assistance. I re-sceduled the appt. meaning I have to wait another 2 months(after waiting a year to even get a darn referral to begin with!).

    My office have failed to reply to documents from my pharmacy,one med took 30 days to get to my hand because of them.The pharmacy called 4 times,faxed 3, the release from the incurance got passed due date and had to be reapplied for by the pharmacy,and this is not the first time.

    Is this reportable, or what? My doc. asked me once why I never started a med. he had prescribed me, I told him the pharmacy couldn't release it until he completed the regular process with the ins! He seemed as sloppy unaware as the other staff there. My pharmacy is the best, they are good to us, one of them there had to get "tough" to get to even leave a message on my nurse's message line!

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    I would say that is pretty shoddy, considering you did the leg work.

    Maybe a letter to the doctor explaining the mishaps will get you a quicker appointment, especially when you tell him you are really very sick.

    Just my suggestion...

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    Anyone else? Isn't this neglect?
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    I am the office manager of a medical office with 2 Dr's and let me tell you that my office staff and Doctors bothknow how insurance works. and when it comes to prescriptions and the pharmacy a Dr's office legally has the max of 24 to 48 hours to reply to the pharmacy and when it comes to insurance prior authorizations it only takes about 12 hours at the most to hear wether they approve or disaproved the request of the med. It sounds to me that sence it took a month to get the med in your hand that the office staff DIDN'T do their job which in my eyes is unexceptable and would never happen in my office.

    next time your doctor prescribes you something and you go to the pharmacy to fill it and you have trouble have the pharmacy call your dr's office and you call and keep ugging them to get their butt in gear, you cant get better if you cannot get the med the dr prescribed to you and that you will be in their office everyday untill they get their work done.

    yes it is neglect and needs to be reported to the medical board for neglect because if its happened to you it's happened to others.

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    Your input is much appreciated. Besides, I am also delayed in my diagnosis because the People-to- People transportation docs weren't responded to.

    Many thanks, I will handle it promptly!