slow gut motility????????????

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  1. cobie

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    Does any one have information on slowed gut motility ?I have read that it may come from abnormal brain function as opposed to a local gut problem.!Could not find much information on how to treat,or help it only that it happens.Would appreciate any info. Regards cobie
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    It might be worth looking up colon cleanse, Dr Jensen and mucoid plaque on www. Try Oxy-Powder (called powder but they are tablets, not sure if I can mention this. The info on the net will tell you why you have got this condition.
  3. bpmwriter

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    interestingly, i found that a lot of my gut problems cleared up during the time i was on an ssri anti depressant(lexapro). i've always attributed this to how active serotonin is in the gi tract. so it seems that low levels of this neurotransmitter in the gut can affect functioning, at least in my experience.

  4. rockyjs

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    Sometimes slow motility can be caused by a lack of a prostaglandin called PGE1 which stimulates smooth muscle contraction. You can stimulate the formation of PGE1 by taking zinc (usually only 15-25 mg a day is needed but it may not be absorbed well in a multi-vitamin because it's competing with other minerals for absorption). If that doesn't do it, try adding evening primrose oil which provides the type of fatty acid needed.

    Zinc also helps stimulate serotonin production and that goes right along with the previous post. Often just using a zinc lozenge like Cold-eeze or Nature's Way zinc lozenges can get peristalsis started again.

  5. cobie

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    HI, Thankyou all for your info on the gut . Will try the zinc ! thankyou cheers