slow heart rate

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trappil, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. trappil

    trappil New Member

    Does anyone else have a slow heart rate? Mine doesn't stay slow but drops for no reason and I get so weak and feel Like I am going to pass out and feel so nausea. I am on soma the muscle relaxer but drugest said that would not do that, and that is really my only new meds other then potassium.
    Any ideas?
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    What foods do you eat? The chemicals in food might be reacting with your meds.
  3. trappil

    trappil New Member

    I eat pretty normal, I try to eat a lot of vegs, fruit and try to not eat white flowr or white potatoes too much.
  4. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    I hated made me so sick...I had to sleep it off!..Nausea really bad and dizziness...get a second opinion about the soma.....I couldnt take anti-inflamatories..they all made me feel ill...