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    All of our states have 'nicknames.' Ohio is the 'Buckeye State' due to their many Buckeye trees. Florida is the 'Sunshine State' Etc., Etc.,

    Supposedly, Hoosier comes from the settler's when they would knock on someone's door and the person inside would say 'who's there?' Over time the phrase evolved to 'Hoosiers.' Not one of the more attractive nicknames, but it's ours!


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    Hoosier came from the phrase "Who's yer ma ?, or who's yer paw ?" I come from a long line of Hoosiers and Showmies... Showmie (Missouri), being "Show me once, and I can do any job." Kelly
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    Hi, I am a fellow HOOSIER also, I am from Bedford, good to see some HOOSIERS on here..