SM Shootings just sinking in

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    I wasn't going to post on this, but I guess I need to do it for ME.....just heard on the radio the
    young woman Marcela 26 died today, her father Carlos 68 SM college grounds keeper, died
    instantly....a father and daughter...a person who knew them, said the only good thing about
    their deaths, is that they are both gone together...they were such a close daughter/father, that
    if one had lived, it would have about killed them that the other was dead....brought tears to
    my eyes....

    Yes, another senseless massacre in my backyard so to speak and the killer with an AR rifle and some 1,800 rounds of ammo...good thing he is dead, we don't have to go thru mega trials on this one.

    And, we should not do any controlling? I don't want to start any debates, we've been there
    with some of the other shootings. jam
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    J, yes I live in SM...

    And I do agree with all you say here. I'm probably even more fanatic in my thinking on guns...I'd love to see none, but I know many especially in the artic they hunt for their foods...I've been watching the History and NGO channels a lot with those in Alaska in the way outback and how they need their guns for protection and food.

    Hearing more on the radio just now, this shooter came from a very troubled family life BUT to kill so many....he was able to buy guns and ammo, this should not be possible....I'm sure you'll all hear more on the background of this all on the CNN and other channels. Again, another horrible mass shooting. Seems like it's a big part of the american culture...The reporter talked like he came off like a rambo. jam
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    I just saw Lawrence O'Donnell and he was talking about that he was from Boston where "that" shooting was and now lives in SM where this shooting was. They showed the pic of Marcela who is beautiful and how her mother had to OK taking her off life support as the MD's said they could do no more....I broke down again..... the mother lost her son in an auto accident a couple yrs ago, and lost her husband and daughter in this.....just sickening. jm
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    Diane, I know Pgh has it's share of violence, it always has. It just makes me sick with all these loose guns all over our country for anyone to get their hands on and to think we can get all the disturbed people under control, forget it. I'm not proud to live in a gun loving society. Being a pacifist, just doesn't set with me....feel so sad for all those who lose their loved ones. This one was just so close to home, my grandkids could have been in that area, but thank goodness they were not.

    Take care and do your best to keep peace, not an easy one for sure. We throw the word peace around but it's just not there and as hard as one trys to have it in their own being, we are so touched by the hatred out there, unless one is in a coma and numb to it all.
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    Y'all wouldn't believe the gun violence in this little backwater town in FL. At least, when I moved here, it was small. I moved from Denver where gangs ran riot and it wasn't as violent as it is here. People think of FL and they think of Seniors and beaches, not guns and drugs.

    I have a permit to carry and I do when I go into certain parts of town. When my Mom was alive, she was in her 90's and couldn't get away from robbers, muggers and purse snatchers, also prevalent here. My carrying is for defensive purposes only and for the sport of target shooting. Like the overwhelming number of responsible gun owners, I believe everyone should have to go through background checks before buying guns. Of course, like anything else, there will always be an illegal supple of guns on the street. It's a sin that the law against assault weapons and huge magazines was allowed to lapse. No one needs that much ammo. There is now a rifle scope which, once one locks on a target, will find the target, even if it has moved. This is high tech stuff which should only be available to the military.

    I am always saddened by violence and especially the mass shootings of innocent people. That anyone would take another's life, except in self-defense, goes against every fibre of my being. My prayers go out to everyone affected by such terrible things, even those of us who hate violence and are upset every time one of these things happen.

    Love, Mikie
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