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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tibbiecow, Apr 2, 2003.

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    Although this doesn't have much to do with fibro besides the fact that I was pretty stiff after sitting still with a calf in my lap for 2 hours...

    I have a ranch and we have a poorly behaved cow who is stealing colostrum,(by nursing another cow) or first milk from some cows before the newborn calves get it. If a calf does not get colostrum within its first few hours of life, its maternal antibodies are not passed on to it and it will almost certainly die. (Similar to AIDS, you don't die from AIDS, you die from whatever opportunist pathogen that is very common that most of us are immune to.)Said rogue cow will find herself with a spiked ring in her nose which will not interfere with her eating or drinking but will give any other cow's udder a very sharp poke!

    We had a calf die this way last week, we tried to save her but when we realized the problem it was too late, she just wasn't strong enough to come back from heroic (and expensive) measures such as a plasma transfusion from an immune cow.

    This time, our sick calf was going downhill fast and we were able to take action. The calf looked like death, all drawn up and light as a feather, all dehydrated and nothing but ribs and a dejected, low head and a dry chapped nose. So we drew blood from mama and proceeded to put the blood into the calf. I had the calf in my lap to hold her still to keep the catheter in place, which didn't take much. She did get warmer and warmer, and by the third jar of blood, the vet bumped her nose and out came her tongue and SLURP, SLURP! She then DEVOURED a bottle of fresh milk. She has that spark of life back in her and is lying in a warm bed of straw with her mama and her new blood contains the antibodies to fight off any common indiginous bugs. It's these small miracles that give me warm feelings inside and keep me going and working even when I feel like crud. I hope someone enjoys this post.
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    If that cow had been on our farm, she would have ended up at the butcher shop and I think you understand where I'm coming from! We didn't have time to mess with cows like that, for sure!

    Marilyn :)
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    I sure did enjoy your post.I was raised on a farm but have lived in town since married.I'm 60 years old so you can know how long ago that was. LOL But I do so like reading about the miracles of life.So glad the baby is doing so good.
    ((((((())))))) bejo
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    There is always something special about these kind of stories. Just brings a good feeling in your heart...Pammy