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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NWmama, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. NWmama

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    Hi all, this is a strange and embarrassing thing to even bring up, but lately when I'm feeling very ill and exhausted (which has been almost non-stop since mid-December), I'm also getting a scent that seems to be coming from my own body that I can only compare with meconium (the first bm of a newborn infant).

    I don't think I smell this way to others, but who knows?

    I'm wondering if this is common to other folks on here with CFS? Thanks in advance for any light you might shed!
  2. mindbender

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    nwmama, do you live in a house or a trailer/ modular home, with no basement?

    If so there may be the carcass of a dead animal under it.

    If this doesn't apply, please disregard.
  3. NWmama

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    No Dan, but that's a good guess. The thing is, this smell -and it's very subtle - seems to go with me wherever I am. I don't know if it something coming from my brain, or a chemical something my body is actually giving off. I shower and wash my hair every day, wear Kiss My Face olive oil lotion - or something with even less scent - and deo, no perfume. But this is a recent development and almost feels like it's the illness creating this sense of smell. It's a mystery. But if no one else out there has experienced it, guess I'll chalk it up on my list of weird experiences!
  4. appleaday

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    I've known a couple of people who complained of a bad smell which turned out to be coming from their sinuses. It's possible to have a smoldering sinus infection and not be aware of it. That could be dragging you down and making you feel more ill and exhausted as well.
  5. ILM

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    I've got 4 kids but I don't remember what meconium smells like.

    Some guesses as to the root of weird smells, an infection somewhere, old food in your teeth, reflux.

    I know that if I miss a few days flossing I will start to smell that stinky smell that comes off on the floss.

    Also a sour stomach, indegistion and reflux always leave the nastiest taste and sometimes smell too in my mouth.
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    I too have noticed a smell when the pain/fatigue is the worst. I have asked my kids if they smell it, and they say no, but I don't trust them:) I have also wondered if it is the toxins or something. It got so bad sometimes I was embarrassed to go to work because I knew even after showering in the morning it would be there by noon. Also wondered if it was brought on by stress, but I still notice it since I quit my job last Sept.

    A thought was also candida, but when I was treated and quit using sugar all together it was still there.....I'm stumped as well!! The smell to me is sort of a sour smell, and hard to describe. Never had it before becoming ill.

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    I agree with ilm and appleaday. I had chronic sinus infections until I had surgery. I use to have some of the strangest smells and realized that it was coming from my sinuses.

    Also, my husband had a tooth that was bad and it smelled horrible (just figured it was a bad breath problem). We didn't realize it was his tooth until he had his teeth cleaned and they found it (it didn't bother him). Once they pulled it, the smell went away.

    Hope you can find the answer to your problem.